We Are One!

Yes, it’s true, is one year old today!

PartyThank you for being with me through this exciting, sweet and sensational year. This wouldn’t be here without you and I am so grateful for your support and this space where we can connect.

If you know me, you know I cannot, cannot resist a party. (Come on, Linus and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, engagement anniversary, first meeting, first date, first kiss. I’m into celebrations and glitter!) And we are partying today! I’m even wearing a gorgeous vintage gown (black with swirling silver embroidery). Want to join the party? Read on, as your special invite (and special offer) are below!

We are blessed to have a lot to celebrate, in this year there has been:

* Hundreds of hours of Soul Detox Sessions
* launched to so much love, international sales and we were also delighted to be featured in The Times of London.
* The Waist Height and Wondering Photography Project
* The Waist Height and Wearing Accessibility Fashion Project
* Three eBooks written and released; Your (Soul) Detox Journey; Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong with You (in collaboration with Dyana Valentine) and The Trail Blazers’ Wellness Handbook (in collaboration with Terri Cole for Trail Blazing for Tammi).
* The Adventuress Manifesto
* Wellness classes taught locally and online including Negotiating and Navigating Stress and Reclaiming Sleep.
The Sick Chick to Trail Blazer Movement began as a dream in my heart, pushed by circumstance into being and it has exploded into:
* The Trail Blazers’ Conferences – monthly online event for women with health challenges helping them to learn how move from being defined by illness and feeling like a Sick Chick, to step off the beaten track and turn wellness Trail Blazer. We have covered working with illness, beauty and disability, what to say when someone says “So, what’s wrong with you?”, building wellness practices and more!
* From Sick Chick to Trail Blazer: A How-To Guide for Reclaiming Your World Book – this is where it all began. It’s my book and my baby. I am writing Sick Chick to Trail Blazer because it is needed. It is the manual for living well with illness. The how-to guide to a strong and sensational life. I am working to get a copy into your hands as soon as possible.
* Speaking – Yes, I started speaking. A combination of Erika Lyremark, KC Baker and Dyana Valentine got me to the platform and I fell in love with the art of the spoken word. After all, as a writer and a welsh woman, storytelling runs through my veins. You can see me speak at Ignite here.
* Sick Chick to Trail Blazers’ Manifesto – has been shared worldwide, so get your copy here. Print it, pin it to your wall and live it, lady.
* The Sick Chick to Trail Blazers’ Community – is growing monthly and I am so honoured to spend time daily with such true and strong women living and thriving with what life has handed them.
* Trail Blazer Interviews – wonderful wellness warriors from all over the world share their wisdom with you in these interviews.

To celebrate all this good fortune I am inviting you to the Trail Blazing Live Party!

For November it’s just a £7/$10 donation for Trail Blazing Live: 30 Days of Prompts and Sparkle. It’s my latest offering and I want it in your hands, darling, my thank you to you for being here.

If you want to build your wellness revolution strong and stable, if you want to make shifts towards health and happiness which last and you want an amazing community supporting you as you do that then this is for you!

For November only this is on offer for £7/$10!
Just donate $10 to Tammi’s Liver Club here and email me your receipt to grace AT gracequantock DOT com. Your copy of Trail Blazing Live: 30 Days of Prompts and Sparkle will soar to you. You are building your wellness and helping to save a life!

Let’s blaze our trails together…

Let’s celebrate!