sparkle 2

From Waist Height and Wondering 23

I believe in sparkle. In it’s power to create smiles, share hope and brighten our world. We are alive, so I believe we should celebrate this by shining. 

Glitter and bubbles and candles and celebrating being here by dressing up and using the good china. What is the special occasion you are waiting for? Isn’t being here; having a nice day at work; finishing the level on your game; your favourite artist winning a prize a special occasion? 

I wore glitter in bed, I sent glitterbugs to my friend K and before she died she lay there covered in glitter and said it made her smile. Any why not? None of us here yet know how to go and why not with glitter and love?

It smelt of vanilla, neroli and uplifting delightful clary sage. Fine gold dust over my dove-white skin. Years inside too ill to go out made me as pale as can be imagined. I used glitterbug too, with subtle violet, blue and silver shimmer and scented with rose.

Sticky in the shivering-heat of the attic, shimmering in the blacked-out room, my own private disco ball. Emerging through waves of pain, breathing through it with Bach as my soundtrack. The immortal bars playing out tinnily on the little old stereo I once spilt artichoke soup over, but it still worked bless it. 

Sometimes you need a little sparkle to echo your eyes, sometimes you need a little shimmer when you are far from shimmery. Some days you need to brighten, some nights you need to glow when it’s not in you. Glitter.

Sequins were originally created to mimic the effect of the sunlight on the sea. In anglo-saxon the sea was called a whale road. I think that is so beautiful, and worth some sequins. 

It’s Monday morning, how are you going to add some shine to your day? 

sparkle 2