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I SPEAK to people with health challenges and life crisis, to free them from being defined by their diagnosis and difficulties.

I CONNECT to people who are ill, in pain and struggling in their lives.

I CREATE a new mindset that screams possibility and freedom.

I IGNITE businesses, possibilities, and potential.

Shift your thinking. Embrace the opportunities. Even when they look like road blocks.

You CAN live well with pain and illness every single day.

Craft a healing plan and blaze your own trail.

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Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Entrepreneurship Activation Keynote.

* Using Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey analogy we explore the process of entrepreneurship

* Create an Idea Liberation Intervention

* Birth businesses that change the world

Turning Trailblazer: Reclaiming Your World

Keynote Speech on the worldwide Trailblazing Wellness movement and how to create freedom, action and empowerment while living with chronic and serious illness.

* My story: How I moved from sick chick to Trailblazer and how you can too

* How to create your own Trailblazing Blueprint to map your healing action plan

* The promise – and the proof! – that a better way is possible

* Taking those first steps to reclaiming your world

Turning Your Road Blocks into Mounting Blocks

Inspiring women to see beyond their challenges and recognise the powerful resource they are and the capacity for change inherent in them.

* How to turn problems into opportunities, developing resiliency and embracing challenges to get further in life

* Learning to acknowledge then overcome fear and see the immediate benefits in almost any situation

* Gratitude trumps fear: how to use this to your advantage

Be Your Own Adventure Story

Using a choose-your-own-adventure story approach to create unique, customised ways of moving forward in your life.

*Why choosing your own adventure matters

*3 ways to reclaim your life and choose your own outcome right now.

*Dancing with difficulties and turning challenges into advantages


Talks are available as: keynotes, seminars and workshops. 

I also work with groups to custom design formats best suited to their event or venue

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Watch my TEDx talk:

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Interested in healing what people are saying about me?

“Grace is an extraordinary talent: of heart, of soul, and of the deep humor and intelligence that can only come about from someone who lived through struggle and has come out refined, wise, and profoundly appreciative of life.

All this, combined with Grace’s unique story and courageously authentic voice, make her a delightful and moving storyteller and speaker. I can’t wait to see what happens in the world as her message continues to unfold and touch lives.”
KC Baker Founder, The School for The Well Spoken Woman LIVE, and The Women’s Thought Leadership Society |

“Skills & talents aside, Grace truly embodies what it means to care for the miracle that is your human form, no matter what’s going on around you — or within you.”

“Grace is…[a] Rock Star of the healing world. She embodies the name given to her at birth…yet… also possesses a feisty ‘You ain’t see the best of me yet’ type attitude and I love her for it. She is a true testament to the fact that if you desire it enough, nothing will get in your way.”

“Grace brought to the table a lot of knowledge and advice… my time spent was very beneficial and the experience was inspiring. I now look forward to future events that Grace holds.”

“There is something in the way Grace talks that takes over you, you want to know more. Go and see this wonderful lady.”

“Grace Quantock is inspirational, though I think even that word doesn’t do her justice. Thank you so much, Grace for speaking to our audience of aspiring social entrepreneurs.

Grace really was the star of the show. She is a gifted speaker who manages to inform, inspire and uplift your audience – seemingly effortlessly.
It was refreshing to have a speaker who speaks from the heart and therefore has no need for notes, props or power points.
I was impressed how she researched the audience beforehand and then tailored her talk to be just right for the people in the room. Please come and speak for us again.”
Julie Carthy | Award Manager for UnLtd

“I’ve run many events over the years, at which we’ve had many speakers, and I’ve rarely seen a speaker deliver such a unique and inspiring talk as Grace did for us at Ignite Cardiff.”
Neil Cocker | TEDx Cardiff Founder

“As a Development Officer for the Community Enterprise Network, it’s my job to inspire and inform budding entrepreneurs and social enterprise start-ups. When you are connecting with people about their dreams and ambitions you need not only facts, but proof. Not just hype but vision.

Grace speaks not just inspirationally, but practically, providing action-based business wisdom with a heroine’s journey story to prove it. It’s like bringing a storyteller to the party, everyone leans in – engaged and connected. We booked Grace to keynote at the Think Big, Community Enterprise Network event and she inspired the audience, instigated discussion and we can’t wait to work with her again.”
Hayley Doorhof | Development Officer for The Coalfields Regeneration Trust

“We are always happy to have Grace speak; she’s professional, compelling, her content is always stunning, and that’s all I can ask for.”
– Ed Barnett | Ignite Cardiff Host and Copier Mate Founder. 

“Watching Grace’s fantastically inspiring talk, I found The Taste of Enterprise clients who attended were truly engaged with her speech, which was extremely motivating for their business journeys. They left feeling that they had a had an injection of empowerment and strength.”
Carla Reynolds | The Taste of Enterprise Wales, U.K

Headshot black and white, lecturer Kathy EvansGrace Quantock is an inspirational speaker who draws eloquently on her own experiences in her exploration of the needs and desires of children and young people living with disability or chronic illness.  Her session has been a very interesting addition to the programme of specialist lectures available to MA Education students at the University of South Wales, and she would come highly recommended to colleagues in Further Education or Higher Education who share my desire to encourage their students to focus on people not problems.

Kathy Evans | Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Life Sciences and Education, University of South Wales.

Looking to get to know me better?

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I’m an award winning international wellness expert, writer, and motivational speaker. I’m also the founder of The Phoenix Fire Academy, and Healing Boxes CIC. I’ve been branded a “success story” by The Times of London, and I’m here to help you blaze your own incredible trail. For a full bio, click here.

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