Trailblazer Interview: Surviving Bad Days and Being a Chronic Babe

Jenni Propky

Jenni Prokopy is the amazing founder behind and the Chronic Babe Forum which is now 2000 members strong. She’s currently raising money on Kickstarter to publish Chronic Babe 101 a guidebook for women with illness.

She’s a true wellness Trail Blazer and in this Trail Blazers’ interview we talk about:

Dealing with bad days.

Working as a disabled entrepreneurs.

Writing a ground-breaking book.

Launching a Kickstarter that’s going viral.

Listen to the interview now and check out Jenni’s fantastic KickStarter project – everyone who donates now gets a copy of her fantastic book – and there’s just 3 days left! Get your copy of Chronic Babe 101 now!