Forest Sunbathing

From Waist Height and Wondering 15

I love the sunshine and I love the heat. An a intemperate paradox, I grew up in a old victorian house which was so frigidly cold my sister and I slept in coats and hats. Seriously, mine had black pom-poms and a faux fur lining.
So I can withstand almost any cold as one thing that upbringing gives you is a certain resilience in terms of temperature.

Yet when I get cold now I freeze in place, I just can’t move and my limbs all ache oh-so much more. So I love heat, and I spend days and days on my biomat, with hot water bottles and doing yoga in front of the fire. 

I gravitate towards warmth. In school years, when studying, the floor of my room would be covered with books and papers (even the biggest desk was too too small for me) except for a semi-circle next to the radiator where I sat cross-legged, studying pressed up against the heat like a cat. It always made Linus laugh.

I wish you sunshine and warmth today.

“It was a beautiful flat, large and sunny….It faced south and west over the Bois de Boulogne, and was on a level with the tree-tops. Tree-tops and sky made up the view. The enormous windows worked like the windows of a motor-car, the whole of the glass disappearing into the wall. This was a great joy to Linda, who loved the open air and loved to sunbathe for hours….until she was hot and brown and sleepy and happy.”

Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford.

Forest Sunbathing