Another Way is Possible

NewsletterMaybe you don’t have an illness, or maybe you know just what I am talking about, but I am here to tell you that another way is possible. 


This is an urgent, red hot SOS direct to your hopeful heart – it doesn’t have to be like this, I repeat; another way is possible. 


When we began my Healing Journey, we began with very little hope. We believed the doctors when they said no cure meant no change. But it wasn’t the case. We decided to try to create the best possible environment for wellness. To give my body a chance to heal. Take away everything which we knew was hurting me and adding in all that we knew would hope.  


There is a belief you are a brave sufferer or miraculous cured. It doesn’t have to be like this, another way is possible. 


You can live well with illness, it is possible to be unwell and live well all at once. I want to see your blazing your trails, forging your healing path. You can change, design and craft a life for yourself, getting rid of what isn’t helping you, and living in full blazing colour. 


If you want to know how to do that get your ticket to Trail Blazers’ Conference October

Trail Blazers’ Conference October is Tomorrow!

We are sharing our essential healing practices, build your healing plan, and excuse busting action live on the call. 

But that is not all! Buy a ticket to this Conference and you are also automatically get: 


* The new Trail Blazers’ Wellness Handbook – 10,000 words of wellness practices, recipes and cheerleading that you need to know. 


*Membership to first ever Trail Blazing Live – 30 days of wellness prompts and support for you to live your healing plan into action, with coaching and community to support you. 


Shining News – New Special Guests Announced: 


Marianne Elliot of 30 Days of Yoga and author of Zen Under Fire, will be speaking on building daily practices with love for where we are now.


Terri Cole of Live Fearless and Free will be teaching us to bust through blocks and excuses.


Nitika Chopra of the beloved online magazine will be talking about wellness practices for living a bella life with chronic illness. 

Remember all the money raised is going to Tammi’s Liver Club.


Last Chance for Tickets!


The Conference is tomorrow – Monday 29th October, at 7pm to 8.30pm UK time. Remember UK people our clocks change back one hour on Sunday 28th.


For the US the times are: Eastern – 3pm, Central – 2pm, Mountain – 1pm and Pacific – 12 Midday. 


For New Zealand, the Conference is 8am on Tuesday 30th October.


This Conference is packed with goodies to help you and Tammi, it’s the most we’ve ever offered for the low price of £15/$25 but you need this information and we want to see it in your hands, while raising the money Tammi needs to heal too. Let’s do this together