These testimonials relate to my coaching, consulting and workshops. Testimonials are not given for counselling due to confidentiality practices.


“Grace Quantock is a brilliant new voice in the world of wellness.

Keep your eye on this trailblazer – her life-changing work is driven by a magnetic healing energy and an endless compassion for all beings.”

Kris Carr, New York Times best selling author | KrisCarr.com

Nathalie Salles headshot, wearing red framed spectacles and black shirt. I worked with Grace at a time in my life when I had suffered a muscular skeletal injury that left me unable to fully function in the world.
With the help of Grace, I faced the reality of what this might mean and built a deeper understanding of my relationship with health, happiness, purpose and what it means to be fully human. While I have almost fully recovered and can travel the world, I have gained such an appreciation for the difference I can make, even when not completely well.
I would highly recommend Grace. She has this combination of warmth, heart and soul that is hard to find. She knows what it is to be sick, but she always knows what it is to be connected, making a difference, creating a trail and a movement. I deeply admire her for what she is bringing to the world.
– Nathalie Salles, Executive Coach | Abundant Strategies

Gala Darling in pink hat“Need a magic maker? Grace Quantock is the REAL DEAL”

Gala Darling | GalaDarling.com


kate magic raw foodist holding a cake“I met Grace for the first time last year, and was impressed by her positive and enthusiastic attitude to life… my respect for her and appreciation for what she stands for increased even more.? Grace has not been handed an easy lot in life, but she is using the challenges she encounters as inspiration to create a better world, not just for herself and people like her, but for everyone.

Her [work]… is valuable reading to all those dealing with chronic illness, but more than that, it is a lesson to all of us that shining, sparkling and trail-blazing, is always an option, it’s just up to us to make that choice and take the steps into the magic.”

Kate Magic | RawLiving.eu

jennifer louden in yellow top, palms in namaste prayer position“Grace Quantock is a wellness provocateur, writer, teacher – and a total inspiration. Her [work] is a how-to guide to a strong and sensational life with chronic illness. Learn how to cope when the doctors say no cure, shift to action and empowerment and live well, in full colour now.

Just visiting her site makes you feel stronger!”

Jennifer LoudenJenniferLouden.com

Linda sivertsen black and white“Grace Quantock is an advocate, champion, heaven-sent disseminator of wellness wisdom… [Her work] feels like a wellness-angel sitting down with you, holding your hand through the doctor’s waiting room, surgeries, struggles and joys.

If you do one thing to cope with illness, read Grace.”

Linda Sivertsen | BookMama.com

Dr david hamilton, grey shirt, smiling“Grace’s words are filled with authenticity and integrity. She is an intelligent and inspiring woman and her message can lift you up when you’re feeling down.

Everyone should read her…”

– Dr David Hamilton, best-selling Hay House author | DrDavidHamilton.com

Lissa Rankin author“For anyone who feels like their body has betrayed them with illness, Grace Quantock models how to stop being the victim and start using illness as an opportunity for personal growth and spiritual awakening, allowing the journey to blaze trail towards a more fulfilling life.

When illness is viewed as a message from the core of who you are, pointing you towards your deepest truth, rather than as a punishment, getting sick just could be the best thing that ever happened to you.”

Lissa Rankin, MD, author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself | LissaRankin.com

blonde woman, wearing grey jumpower, on grey and pink striped background, shazzie“As a raw food visionary, best selling author and the world’s first raw TV presenter I have devoted many years to health and wellness and I believe strongly in our personal power to revolutionise our health and lives. If you are healing from illness or struggling with pain you cannot miss this…

Grace Quantock is a new voice, a wellness pioneer. I believe in her and her message.”

Shazzie | Shazzie.com

Sara L“Finding out I had to live with a chronic disease toppled my world & I had no idea where to even begin reconstructing myself, my self worth, & my identity. Working with Grace was that beginning. It’s been a perspective changing and a life changing experience.

Through her healing talent, honesty, empathy, strength, & courage, Grace held up a mirror for me to start recognizing a new me. A brave, accepting, gentle, & strong me. A me that would battle my disease as well as learning to cherish myself as a human.

The coping skills Grace taught me helped me get through difficult days & better enjoy & relish the other days.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work in The Phoenix Fire Academy program. It has truly changed my life from lost to living, & from trapped to trailblazing.”

Sara Lynne | Sara Lynne

avatar-14“The transformational experience that Grace offers as an alternative to thrashing about in the weeds of ‘no cure’ and ‘multiple chronic illnesses’ is like nothing I’ve experienced before.

When I first approached her, I’d just been diagnosed with a number of new conditions, as well as an increase in severity of a previously known disorder, and I was terrified.

Her insight, support, and invaluable perspective on life with illness – and the healing journey that accompanies it – reminds me not only of her extraordinary capability for transformation and courage, but of my own as well.”

Esmé Weijun Wang | EsmeWang.com

jsWorking with Grace is a brilliant experience – a cross between ancient wild magic and genius coaching. Weeks after, I found that little seeds of resentment were just gone, and filled instead with love and understanding. She is truly a force of light in this world, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Jen Seda M.D. | JenSeda.com

Helen Hunter MI was truly blessed by our session together. I am reminded daily of what we talked about particularly: acceptance, awareness, and freedom from that heavy ‘guilty’ feeling I’d been carrying around for YEARS.

The guilt piece was really huge. I’m not sure I can adequately describe it – honestly, I didn’t even realize how much it was affecting me, but now that it’s gone I feel so much freer, lighter, confident, and deserving! My creativity has gone up a notch (or ten!) and I’m more productive than ever.”

Helen Hunter Mackenzie | HelenHunterMackenzie.com

Natasha WozniakI felt a strong connection with Grace all the way from Wales to New York. The most powerful thing that happened to me during the session was when Grace told me that I have to perceive myself as a person that has already healed, and she felt that I had already been healed.

I do feel that there are some memories and beliefs yet to be shed, but this is profound new way to experience myself as I continue my journey. Nothing can compare to how Grace wraps the experience in her gentle and loving nature.

Natasha Wozniak | NatashaJewelry.com

Amy_Scott2-189x300I booked a session because I had heard great things about Grace from Erika Lyremark and thought it might help me break through some stuff. During the session, I thought: Wow, this is a little out there, but I trust Grace and am sure she knows what she’s doing!

Afterwards I found that: I felt… different. Calmer, more at peace, more grounded. More capable of handling the swirling storm around me. Even my fiancé noticed the difference! I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was able to move forward unburdened.”

Amy ScottNomadEditorial.com

Lindsey libesarI booked a session because I know that within me lies true greatness. I have so much to offer this world and I feel paralysed at times in getting things done or moving forward. I expended a TON of energy in the wrong places and I know that I have benefited in the past from energy therapy.

During the session, I thought wow! It’s amazing, the things I am learning about myself, or the things that Grace is able to pick up on about me solely through her energy and expertise that she would have not known about me previously. I couldn’t believe what a loving, beautiful and courageous soul was guiding me through my session.

Afterwards I found that I was even more OPEN to the possibilities of my future and felt as if I was cleared with a clean slate to begin anew.
The juiciest, deepest, sweetest moment of the experience was feeling the deep energy shifts within my own body. Bringing myself to tears as a means of intense cleansing which allowed me to open up and know that I was hitting on the areas within that needed healing and a dose of extra LOVE!

The biggest transformation, which actually took awhile to fully set in… was my ability to stand up and finally know that in order to live the life I have always wanted/dreamed, I had to be who I truly was… not who others wanted me to be or saw me as.”

Lindsey Tibesar | LindseyTibesar.com

amy-zellmerI booked with Grace because I was going through a rough patch in my life and needed help gaining focus. Grace is truly amazing at what she does, and she does it with compassion and an open heart. She sincerely listens to you and offers heart-felt advice, giving you a lot to reflect on afterwards.

She continues to hold your hand for the next few weeks, checking in and seeing if she can help you answer any further questions or help steer you on the right path. I received invaluable insight from Grace and have been able to really focus on the self-care that I have needed to do for quite some time now. I not only consider Grace amazing at what she does, but she is a beautiful person both inside and out and that shines through in her work!”

Amy Zellmer | CustomCreationsPhotography.com

Dawn Martinello pink top dark hair beautifulIn the midst of a divorce and after facing years of mental abuse and self punishment, Grace was a bright beacon in a cave of darkness. During our session, waves of calm healing washed over me and by the end of our time together, my soul felt lighter.

She has helped me frame my problems in a way I never imagined and is helping me clear years of blockages that have been gunking up my true self and potential. Don’t let her smooth serene voice and best girlfriend like demeanour fool you – this is going to be a lot of tough-but-worth-it work.  When Grace works her magic, the Universe listens.”

Dawn Martinello | DawnMartinello.com

ErikaI booked a session, because sometimes you just can’t actionize your way out of a problem. I have a big responsibility in life to help women whip up their confidence, clarity and courage so they succeed in business. And I want to make sure that I don’t let my own crap get in the way of that.

The more energy blocks I clear the better I am at coaching, thinking, writing and being patient. I have had five sessions so far and the changes are palpable. I’m happier, more patient, and no longer second guess myself or what I am doing. I recommend Grace to all my clients who need help when action doesn’t solve it.”

Erika Lyremark | ErikaLyremark.com

AlexWhen Grace offered to give me a distance Reiki session as an entrepreneur-aversary gift, I was honored, but utterly befuddled. She was in Wales. I was… not. How exactly was this going to work From the moment we connected on Skype, I felt a sense of profound calm — like being held, by someone who cared for me, deeply. She proceeded to guide me through a session that blended dream cards with dowsing and Spiritual Response Therapy, as well as Reiki energy.

It was fascinating to watch her work, and I found myself on the verge of tears, at several points. I made some very specific lifestyle shifts, after our session — including removing all electronics from my bedroom (I cheat sometimes, but I always regret it. Those Electro Magnetic Fields are bad news for REM cycles!) I immediately hired Grace to perform similar sessions for a dear friend (who was trying to quit smoking) & my mom (just ’cause).

Both of them were touched & delighted by Grace’s healing presence, insights and unspeakably generous spirit. Skills & talents aside, Grace truly embodies what it means to care for the miracle that is your human form, no matter what’s going on around you — or within you.”

Alexandra Franzen | AlexandraFranzen.com

GennaGrace is going to be the Rock Star of the healing world. She embodies the name given to her at birth and yet she also possesses a feisty ‘You ain’t see the best of me yet’ type attitude and I love her for it. She is a true testament to the fact that if you desire it enough, nothing will get in your way.”

Genna McWhinnieGennaMcWhinnie.com

Nikki Groom[Before my Sparkle Reiki session] I was intrigued — and already more than a little taken with Grace herself (she’s an absolute doll)… The only way I can describe what happened during our Skype session is that it felt as though an ENORMOUS weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt like I could finally breathe again.

Grace helped me totally re-frame some of the age-old stories I’d been telling myself – such as, I wasn’t “lucky” because doors had always opened for me at just the right moment, I was a “Master Manifestor”. Grace will put you at ease and help pinpoint the roots of your distress. And she’ll leave you feeling like you’re floating on air. Working with her is a gift and a total delight.”

– Nikki Groom | NikkiGroom.com

Bri SaussyI had a session with Grace and it just so happened that a few minutes before our call was scheduled I had a very disturbing thing happen to me. Usually I am a pretty grounded and centered lady, but this through me off. Grace put me at ease with her gentle humor, innate kindness, and wise-beyond-her years know how-as soon as I started interacting with her I felt better. When she really got into the session it was AMAZING.

I felt lighter and brighter as she worked, like getting a metaphysical salt scrub followed by a very restorative massage. She picked up intuitively on things that I did not clue her into but that I was able to confirm, impressing me with her psychic abilities and her spiritual depth.

Most importantly, I left the soul detox session feeling like this is not a service you get every now and then because you have heavy stuff going on in your life, this is a service that should be part of anyone’s responsible intuitive and metaphysical housekeeping. Don’t wait, call her today because I know she is going to book fast!”

Bri SaussyMilagroRoots.com

MichelleI booked with Grace not entirely sure what to expect – I just knew I had heard great things about her, and when we had worked together previously, I was blown away by her insight.

Well, once again, I was blown away; Grace has an incredibly calming presence. I felt heard, held, understood, safe. I had some new things come to light in the 24 hours before our call, and her pre-call notes seemed to have already taken them into account.

Afterwards, I felt like someone had given me the energetic equivalent of one of those mud-mask facials followed by some hardcore exfoliating – tired, yes, but deep-down clean and cleared in a way I hadn’t been before. If you’re hesitating to book with Grace, don’t – just do it, you’ll thank yourself later.”

– Michelle Nickolaisen | BombChelle.com