Sick Chick to Trail Blazers’ Conferences

Sick Chick to Trail Blazer Conference June: Creating a Conference Space for Women with Chronic illnesses/Caring Roles.

p4040356-225x300Beauty and Health Challenges – the Waist Height and Wearing Conference.

:: From Waist Height and Wearing – what it is and how you can get in on the project.
:: Standards of beauty and our own self-image with illness and disability.
:: Power of our own beauty and self-worth.
:: Fashionable Practicalities.
:: Guest Speakers

Special Guest – Elissa Ashwood of 33Dresses.com speaking about being a cancer survivor in training, a 33 dresses superstar and a fulfilment instigatrix. And more to come…

The conference will create community, solidarity, trouble-shoot practical challenges, instigate new realisations and shift consciousness towards self care, pride and empowerment.

Where: Online via Teleconference and secret Facebook group.

What you get:

:: Monthly Teleconference.
:: Group and one on one coaching on the call.
:: Secret Sick Chick to Trail Blazer Facebook Cafe.
:: Guest interviews.
:: Troubleshooting
:: Energy work

Mural 5Our last conference was a beautiful triump with special guests Michelle Ward of WhenIGrowUpCoach.com, Kyeli of ConnectionRevolution.com and Dr Callie Broussard Wheeler of BasicMissions.com and the newly published book Healing From Cordon Bleu to Cancer at BasicMissions.com.

Want a sample? You can hear Michelle, Kyeli and Callie guest speaking here.

Pricing: $25 per conference.

How to book: via Eventbrite