The Adventuress Manifesto.

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This will be your only warning.

A wake up call to live now, live loud and celebrate your life.

Do it now, or perhaps you won’t wake up from the next one.

Life has a way of getting our attention, but when we don’t listen and the alarms just get stronger….we don’t always come back from them.

It is not my job to shake your from your stupor. I shook off mine. 

<Let this be your call to action.

You are alive, now. You can read this, now. You have access to a computer to be here now. A pack of blessings lights up upon thy back.

You have been handed all you ever wanted. Or all you ever needed to get what you want. Effectively the same thing, although many would like to think otherwise. Do you think there isn’t a corollary to that? Now you have to go and do something about it. 

That’s the shadow side to our sparkling glitter miracles. 

Choose joy. Choose it every time.

Resist sinking into the gossip, the complaining, the old ways. I know you feel like the odd one out when everyone is moaning about their jobs and you are beaming beatifically and sharing the joys of your work. 

Buck up, you might be instigating a personal revolution around you. 

Here’s the thing. Our lives are not narrated (no, what you say in your head doesn’t count) therefore we have no idea of the effects of our lives, speech and actions on those around us. Have you ever been inspired by an idea and years after the dreamy seeds it planted came to fruition in your life? Did you contact the person who planted those seeds to tell them? I hope so, but maybe you didn’t, you certainly didn’t for every single one, including ones which you didn’t even realise. Well that is happening to other people around you from your wisdom and beauty right now.

You are shining.

You are a revolution, an instigation, a coup d’etat de la couer waiting to spring. You are needed, wanted, longed for. No matter what they said there are people who love you. You, dear heart, are worth fighting for. Believe me when I say (because I’m clever and I know) the world is waiting for you and all you have to offer. It could be a novel, an invention or the love you give when you are baking. Our dreams can be grand(ios) or humbly filled with love. That doesn’t matter, other perceptions, dreams, projections, hurts, triggers, angers, wishes don’t matter. You and the calling in your heart matters.

Please don’t wait for that final call. Can’t you just live now? Do you want to wait until the car is crashing, the scans come back, the biopsy is returned, the surgeon does the ‘I’m so sorry’ face? You don’t need the permission of near death to fully live.

This is your permission slip. Use it.

I don’t care, print it, hand it to your mother, to your boss when they ask why you are dancing, why your red shoes are shining, where your plans for suburbia went. Tell them you are reclaiming your life. Staking your world claim. Flying your flag. Tell them this girl on the Internet told you to do it. Tell them you want to live now, it is never too late and you can and will. Tell them you are wearing purple today, darn it! That you won’t wait any more. 

What is dying to be born in you and are you going to let it suffer any longer?

I can tell you right now, dear, I can see it from here, that your fears are smaller than the joys your dreams will bring. Step back from them, say thank you and then puncture them so you can see the rolling vistas of your desire, your hot seat future glowing, unfolding, dancing out beyond them. Here’s the big secret – what is coming for you is bigger than you could ever imagine right now. It’s so much better. I am all fizzy with excitement for you. You just have to take that first step. And then the next one, and on on and as they are revealed to you. And that’s it, that is living your dreams. It is the living we love.

It’s ok, we all have some time. But print this double quick and pop on in your pocketbook, on the bathroom mirror, scribbled on your forehead and live darling live. Live every challenging, heart jumping, real life second of it. 

What is life but this? Start now.

Then in a year come back and see what magic has been made by you stepping up to life. You step up and you are showered with glories, the world has just been waiting, aching for you. Just a teeny tiny step to show willing and look what comes. Then email me and tell me your adventures from living in full colour. I’m waiting to hear. 

Or you could, you know, not do this. And then you could email me in a year and tell me how things are the same as they were, when you didn’t take that chance. You could always take it then of course, we keep these options open as long as possible. But class registration has to end sometimes. And why not now? Why not put yourself one step one year close to your dream.

You inspire me, you are a living manifesto. 

Doesn’t it sound fun to you to live in full colour? Uh huh.

People are praying for what you have inside you. 

You are an angel, an answered prayer, a rainbow hope, a miracle worker, a kind heart, a untapped resource, a potential inspiration explosion, a waiting-hiding clear blue fountain. You are the potential of the ages trapped inside you. 

You are the result of a million years of evolution. 

You are the cumulation, the success, the thriving survival of all your ancestors. 

You are the instigation and hope for future generations. 

You are here on this beautiful planet for a tiny fraction, a mayfly, firework, glittering second. You have no time, and too much talent to waste.

Shine, baby, shine.