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Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You?

Pitch Perfect ™: What’s Wrong With You?

image PP_PaulWhat’s wrong with you?

You don’t look sick.

Were you born like this?

How many times have you been asked these questions and fumbled for an answer? Maybe your response revealed more than you wanted to. Or maybe you just opened your mouth and nothing came out as you looked on, stunned that someone could be so rude.

I know these questions all to well. As someone living with a health challenge (as I do), it’s inevitable that you will be asked about your health from strangers, acquaintances, and loved ones.

It Doesn’t Have to be This Way

What if I told you that you could craft a response to their probing questions that would free you from being defined by your illness or disability? What if your answer could be a micro-revolution, an education, and an elevation all in one?

Hi, I’m Grace Quantock

Former Sick Chick turned Wellness Provocateur and Healing Trail Blazer. I grew tired of people staring at my wheelchair or coming up to me in the street and asking what is wrong with me. I didn’t like that my life (with multiple disabilities) became other people’s conversation topic.

So, instead of just accepting my lot and giving up, I learned how to blaze my own trail to healing and now I help others to do the same.
Inspired by Dyana Valentine’s Pitch Perfect program, my new offering, Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You? will help you answer the uncomfortable questions about your disability in a way that makes you feel confident and empowered. It will enable you to shift these conversations to what makes you the
* talented,
* complex,
* interesting,
* multi-faceted person you are

And NOT to an uncomfortable conversation that focuses on your disabilities or illness.

Change the conversation and learn to speak your truth with confidence by getting your copy of Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You? 

The disabilities, the diseases—they are just the footnotes. YOU are the adventure story. 

In a 30 minute one on one session with me, we’ll craft your perfect pitch.

You’ll also go away with a free guide of 25 information-packed and fun-filled pages, Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You? covers these big topics:

* Analysis of how you currently answer the big question (“What’s wrong with you?”)
* Examples of effective real-life pitches
* How you want people to react to your answer
* The reasons WHY people ask you probing questions about your disability
* How to pick your new super-hero title
* Three pages of self-reflection worksheets that will help you craft your Perfect Pitch.

I’ll take you step-by-step through the process of creating your Perfect Pitch—the identity you want to show off to the world. Purchase Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You? today for just £20/$30US.

Your story is precious to you. It is a part of yourself and your life. Not sharing it doesn’t mean you are ashamed. Things can be painful to talk about and we want to make sure we are sharing them with people who will honour and respect them. 

Make the move to leave disempowerment behind today and go from Sick Chick to rockin’ Trail Blazer today!

I’m so sure that you will love this offering (it’s been purchased and read by people all over the globe) that if you do the work and it doesn’t help you craft your pitch, then I will give you a full refund within 30 days.

Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You? Kit – live consultation with Grace Quantock to help you craft your pitch and 25 page book.

Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You? – 50% off Sale – £10.00 / $15.00 (subject to slight variation, according to exchange rates)