Healing Boxes

We create boxes full of great stuff for the people you care about. Gifts that say “I’m thinking of you”, “Hang in there”, or simply “You are loved”. For a loved one – or yourself! – Healing Boxes are the perfect pick-me-up: thoughtful, useful, easy to customise and ship.

How It Works

Browse the Healing Boxes shop and choose a box that reflects the message you want to send. We provide a variety of package options including:

• Customised boxes customised by you via our shop
• Bespoke boxes for those who’d like a little help in putting together their gift. This option pairs you with a staff member to personally assist you in your choices. (It may even get you access to specialty items not available in our regular collection!)

We’re also developing:

• Theme boxes filled with a pre-selected, cohesive set of items
• Subscription services that provide pre-ordered box delivery over a course of months

Simply choose your Healing Box option, purchase it through the shop and we’ll have it delivered to that special someone.

Charity & Donations: Where Your Money Goes

A portion of every box sold goes toward:
• Covering stock costs and the upkeep of Healing Boxes.
• Expanding our reach and range of gifts.
• The Healing Boxes donation fund which contributes to local hospices and charities. To see who we’re donating to, check out our Who We’re Supporting page.

Our Boxes: What’s Inside (& What Makes Them So Special)

Our boxes are created by a team whose experience living with illness and supporting others with health challenges make them uniquely qualified to put just the right things together for those with similar issues. We appreciate how difficult it is to find the right gift when someone you care about is struggling.

The gifts in our collection are comforting but practical. Super soft bamboo socks to keep a bed bound loved one’s toes warm and snug. Sumptuous lip balms perfect for long hospital stays. Carefully selected hand creams to keep skin feeling refreshed and moisturised.

We carefully consider whether Healing Boxes recipients’ challenges affect the types of gifts they can receive and use. Are they allergic to flowers? Specific foods? Can they tolerate the chemicals in most face creams?

We’ve faced these questions, and do our best to make the products in Healing Boxes as suitable as we can for as many different people as possible. Our products are vegan, dairy free, egg free and wheat/gluten free. We stock organic, chemical free gifts, like mildly scented creams (for those unable to tolerate strong scents) and delicious, natural goodies like Bear fruit Yo-Yos, which contain ‘no added nonsense’.


We are committed to making a difference, locally and around the world. We stock ethically sourced items, and back other positive causes when we can. Examples we’re proud of include having stocked greeting cards (that support Crafting Lives and benefit the Home of Faith orphanage in Andhara Pradesh, India) and handmade notebooks that are fair-trade and recycled.