The Phoenix Fire Academy

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Dear one,

The day of diagnosis, the day of the accident, the trauma, the loss of your loved one, can feel like the end of your world as you know it—almost as though wildfire roared through the bones of your life & burnt up everything it found in its path.

But fire doesn’t always mean permanent destruction or loss.

Fire’s heat can temper & refine us, so that we emerge shining & more beautiful than we ever thought possible.

So let me ask you . . .

What if you could see your diagnosis, your difficulty as an opportunity?

And what if you could rise up from the ashes & blaze a fiery, fabulous trail?


“Out of the ashes she rose, with wings of flame.”


The Phoenix Fire Academy ™ is a program for women ready to blaze a path to healing.

As a former sick chick turned wellness provocateur, I found a way to flourish against all odds—& despite the inferno that serious illness brings.

In the face of multiple disabilities and traumas, I not only consistently defied my prognoses; I overhauled my diet, earned a degree (with honours), built a global business, & launched a worldwide non-profit foundation.

Now my burning mission is to help you thrive in the same way.

You see, your illness, your toughest moments don’t HAVE to define you. 

And you don’t HAVE to battle this alone.

I’ve been in those darkest places, & I’ll hold your hand & guide you every step of the way—no matter how painful or difficult it is.

Whether you’ve juuust been diagnosed or you’re feeling lost on your path to healing, I’m here for you.


“Sometimes healing isn’t so much about getting better as about letting go of everything that isn’t you, all the pain, all the expectations and becoming who you really are.”—Rachel Naomi Remen


You’ll emerge with . . .

:: The know-how to manage your illness/loss/struggle  in a way that makes sense for you—as well as a healing blueprint to refer back to when the journey gets tough

:: The tools to navigate the anger, denial, fear & frustration you feel

:: The ability to cope with other peoples’ reactions & comments

:: The strength you need to overcome denial, acknowledge the long-term nature of your healing path, & reignite your spark

:: Day-to-day strategies that will help you negotiate the practical aspects of living with an illness/accident/trauma/loss or life crisis, including running your home, making a living, or leveraging the support of family or friends

They’ll be no more . . .

:: Wondering how you’ll ever live when you feel so broken

:: Feeling lonely and lost from the world because of your struggles

:: Wondering how to feel human again and if you’ll ever be the person you were before this awful thing happened

:: Buying over-the-counter supplements that turn out to be a waste of money

:: Trying a different alternative therapy every month in desperation and to no avail

:: Thinking that, because you’re NOT able to follow the latest fad or quick fix, you’re not fully committed to your healing (we both know that’s not the case)

:: Struggling to know what to purchase when it comes to organic produce—instead, you’ll know EXACTLY what to buy & have the recipes you need on hand.

Never forget your true identity.

You area a luminous, conscious stardust,

being forged in the crucible of cosmic fire.

Sara L“Finding out I had to live with a chronic disease toppled my world & I had no idea where to even begin reconstructing myself, my self worth, & my identity. Working with Grace was that beginning. It’s been a perspective changing and a life changing experience

Through her healing talent, honesty, empathy, strength, & courage, Grace held up a mirror for me to start recognizing a new me. A brave, accepting, gentle, & strong me. A me that would battle my disease as well as learning to cherish myself as a human.

The coping skills Grace taught me helped me get through difficult days & better enjoy & relish the other days.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work in The Phoenix Fire Academy program. It has truly changed my life from lost to living, & from trapped to trailblazing.”

Sara Lynne, USA

You’ll receive . . .

:: A Healing Box with a talisman, a journal to keep our classwork in & a meditation CD—all posted to you before we begin our work

:: An 8-week online course with hand illustrated workbooks, audio versions of the lessons and optional additional coaching support.

:: A supportive, loving, curated Facebook community where you can share your experiences, concerns & triumphs with a glowing group of healing future trailblazers who’ll give you support & encouragement when you need it most.


The Phoenix Fire Academy will open in February 2024. Sign up here to be notified when we open the doors.

(If you are looking for coaching support now, check out my Trailblazing Wellness Coaching).


Ready to blaze your own path, trailblazer? 

*If money is tight, (and I’ve been there—with all my money disappearing on medicine, rent or food) I understand. 

Phoenix Fire Academy™ is actually designed to help LOWER your monthly expenditure because I’ll show you how to create a tailored healing plan that will fit your lifestyle AND budget.

avatar-14“The transformational experience that Grace offers as an alternative to thrashing about in the weeds of ‘no cure’ and ‘multiple chronic illnesses’ is like nothing I’ve experienced before.

When I first approached her, I’d just been diagnosed with a number of new conditions, as well as an increase in severity of a previously known disorder, and I was terrified.

Her insight, support, and invaluable perspective on life with illness — and the healing journey that accompanies it — reminds me not only of her extraordinary capability for transformation and courage, but of my own as well.

— Esmé Weijun Wang, USA (

All my love,

Grace xxxx


“Come with me through the fire,

Burnished one.

Earn your feathers and rise.

Horizon flaming

Angels smiled

As out of the ashes of her

Very own sweet born self

She flew.”

—A poem, by Grace Quantock