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From Waist Height and Wearing 1

Silver Dress_1

Disability fashion blogging, it’s a practical revolution, it’s your beauty and empowerment in images. 

I have began to enjoy putting outfits together, maybe it was just not having to be in pyjamas and in bed all day but I was really having fun expressing myself in my outfits.

Sometimes I would wear one and think “hmm, I am so proud of this, I wish I could photograph it”. But all the fashion bloggers I know take their shots standing up against cool graffitied New York walls. I didn’t think me sitting down in front of what – the farm houses and fields around us – would be quite the same. 

Boots 1

Besides, you have to wear quite different clothes in a wheelchair, what you used to wear just might not work any more. And do not get me started on those “wheelchair clothes”, elasticated waists and drawstrings are not flattering to anyone, ever. Easy they may be but I am sure there are easier things which actually look and feel good. 

Silver Dress_LastThat is what we are going to be discussing here. Practically, tips and tricks on adapting fashion. As well as disability and image, sexuality and empowerment. 

April is From Waist Height and Wearing month – do you remember From Waist Height and Wondering? Perspectives from my wheelchair, the half world in my view. Unedited and adored. A life, a heart, prayed for, tear soaked and beating. 

A photograph a day. A fragment of my world offered here. A heart-song.

This is From Waist Height and Wearing; beauty and empowerment, delight, excitement and being visible, all in the midst of disability. 

I hope you join me on this journey. 

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Outfit Details:

Vegan Cowboy Boots from Bourgeois Boheme.

Silver Empire-Line Dress Charity Shop

Jeans – here is the secret, jeans can be v hard in a wheelchair as sitting down all day they cut off circulation at the waist, ow. So, maternity jeans. With the elastic hidden in pockets, as comfy as yoga trousers but much more stylish.

Beads – vintage

Rose – worn in hair, from charity shop in the Forest of Dean

Thank you to Jonathon Hobbs for the photography

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