Website Accessibility Statement

As a disabled women, I care passionately (and personally) about accessibility. Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness Ltd is committed to making its website accessible to as many people in society as possible, including those living with disabilities and impairments.

From 2011 we have increased website accessibility features to make the website usable for people with all disabilities and to assistive technology like screen readers.

While unable to make everything on the site, including past articles, 100% accessible for all types of disability, we have worked to make the website comply with standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium‘s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines where we can. It is an on-going process.

Feedback on accessibility is welcomed. Please contact Grace AT

Accessibility features on

1. Images

Images are accompanied by alternative text in the HTML source code, which can be perceived by screen readers, as a way to provide more helpful or informative descriptions of the images to visitors using such assistive technology.

2. Written Content

Unnecessary graphics and tables are avoided. Information is presented in written form wherever possible to make the content readable by visitors using such assistive technology.

3. Jargon-free

No jargon, minimal slang and acronyms spelt out/explained.

While writing in an up to date, friendly style, we still work to be free make content free of jargon and accessible to people outside the wellness/medical industry, those with learning disabilities and reading difficulties.

4. Navigation

The web page structure is designed to have a logical and predictable tab order (left to right, top to bottom), for the benefit of people who use the keyboard and not the mouse to navigate. <h1> tags are used to demarcate the titles which are the start of an article, to help visitors using screen readers and other assistive technologies to skip all the sections in the navigation bar if they want and jump straight to the article. The site is written in a Sans-serif font.

5. Audio

Our goal is to provide speech-to-text conversion for all audio materials and synchronised caption for video and multimedia materials. However while this isn’t yet possible for 100% of content, transcriptions are provided for all new videos and we are working on providing transcripts for previously published video/audio.

When audio is present, an accessible audio player will be used as often as possible.

Accessible audio player

Text to speech is available for the whole website via the plugin

We will also avoid using instructions or descriptions like “Click here” or “Click on the word in bold/blue” or “The picture on the right”, as these would not be helpful information to people with visual disabilities.

6. Sitemap

For easier navigation, a sitemap is available:

7. Screen Readers

Supporting screen readers when WordPress themes don’t have the code built in

8. Accessibility Bars

The ATbar offers a collection of user preferences for interacting with websites such as text enlargement, increased line spacing, font, style and size changes with the options of different background colours and accessible web pages (WordPress is accessible). There is an option to use a dictionary, text-to-speech and spell checking.

ATbar is a cross browser accessibility toolbar which can be added to a user’s browser or alternatively, for developers, the toolbar launcher can be embedded on a website. The toolbar is available in both English and Arabic.

ATbar For WordPress

There is an ATbar, and a floating accessibility bar allowing shifts of text size, grey scale and more. All these are listed under Accessibility in the sidebar.


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