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My Intention:

I founded the Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe as a support space built around belief in ourselves and our possibilities, not delineated by the diagnoses with which we’ve been labelled. To create community and connection to other women who believe it’s possible to live well with health and life challenges. Who are willing to explore that journey alongside each other, as we explore our new selves and blaze our own trails.

My commitment in curating, supporting and facilitating this community, (what you can expect from me) is: to hold space for you, uphold the rules and boundaries, lead discussions and comment as needed and where appropriate. You can depend on me for my support, my presence and resources. I won’t be coaching in the group, as to have me coach you, you need to be my client, sign a contract and be and covered by my professional insurance.

What’s a Wellness Traiblazer?

Trailblazer | noun | trail·blaz·er; some who when life crisis throws them off track, forges a new path & blazes their own trail.

Illness has been called “another country”, and it’s not just illness we get lost in, but pain, accident, trauma or grief.

They are our own personal wildernesses, and you are finding a way through it; you are the only one who can, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Too many support groups are based on what your diagnosis is, but what if, like me, you have multiple diagnoses? Or if you don’t have a diagnosis? When you don’t want to define yourself and your community by a medical label, where do you go? The Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe is the space I’ve made for us.

Group Goals:

Our goals are to provide a safe, accessible space for community and connection, to support each other in our lives and healing. It’s a space to connect, find other wellness trailblazers, share, support one another, discuss things you are interested in, whether you participate actively or cheer from the sidelines.

The Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe is a community for women.

The Trailblazers’ Facebook Cafe is a group for women (including cis women, trans women, women-identified, genderqueer, intersex, asexual and all who identify as women) living with mental/physical illness, disability, caring responsibilities, trauma, grief or life crisis.

I primarily write about women’s experiences as I live as a woman, but the movement is inclusive and filled with love.

Women worldwide come to the Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe for information and support for their healing journeys.

I’m so grateful you are thinking of contributing your precious presence to this space. The women in the Cafe make it the innovative, informative, resource filled, supportive, loving sanctuary it is.


We have a thriving Facebook cafe where we connect and support each other in implementing our actions and making life shine.

Join the free Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe here. 


“In the Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe, we focus on what we are *doing* as well as a central theme of living and healing vs. “dealing” with a chronic illness or disability. I feel 100% comfortable talking, asking advice and seeking resources from all of our amazing members the fact is that ‘Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe’ is a group that is celebrating life, healing, achievements and beauty – primarily focusing on supporting our friends as they forge their way to their dreams.”
Brooke Janssen – Cafe member, Photographer and Trailblazer