Trailblazer Interview: Amy Zellmer

Amy Zellmer headshot photoAmy Zellmer is a Professional Photographer, Creative Business Coach, Writer, Traveler, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Survivor.

I first met Amy through our work together in my Soul Detox Sessions and have been blessed to know of her amazing work – from her gay marriage advocacy – to her inspiring photography for many years.

I am delighted to be interviewing Amy about her work as an advocate for people living with traumatic brain injury.

We talk about:

– What Traumatic Brain Injury is and how we can support someone with it.

– Amy’s healing journey and her her experiences with the Huffington Post.

– Travelling to Washington as a TBI advocate

– How Amy handles challenges and what she’d love you to know!

Listen to the interview here (and check out the transcript, coming soon). Visit Amy’s website at and follow her on Facebook here.