7 Gentle, Generous, Restorative Ways to Feel Better

Sometimes life is beautiful. Sometimes life is tough, and sometimes it’s both at once. I have learned from long experience that looking for the bright spots of light in dark times is what keeps things going.

I hope you can find some gentle, loving bright spots in this list of ways to feel better.

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1. Call a supportive, cheering friend or family member

Vintage phone - 7 Gentle, Generous, Restorative Ways to Feel Better

By telephone or just jump on Skype and ask someone for a 15 min chat, no agenda, just connecting. Keep a running list of people who generally leave you feeling positive so you can know who to call.

My invitation template is below for inspiration:

I have a favour to ask:

I noticed recently that I was feeling depleted. I worked to figure out what the difference was and I discovered I’d been spending less time with wonderful, inspirational, positive, high-vibrational people.

I’ve been working with lots of high vibration people, and learning from them, but that isn’t the same as socialising. So, I’m introducing 15 minute High Vibration Tea Parties into my world and my routine.

I’m keeping it to 15 minutes (I mean that, a timer will ring and it’s goodbye) so it’s short and sweet, not cutting into our schedules – which would make the tea parties unsustainable and uninviting for us all. As you are such a uber-fabulous person, I’d love to have a tea-party with you! We pick a month. We meet via Skype. We drink tea together (gorgeous vintage cups are optional). We talk, connect, communicate. We give, receive and leave replenished. If you are interested just let me know and we can set a date. Thank you for being a shiny light in my world.

If you don’t have anyone you feel you can talk to, you can make some friends in the virtual Trailblazers’ Café or you can call me. In an emergency, you can of course call 999 or 911 (or your local emergency services number) or speak to some of these services 24 hours a day.

If you need to talk, call:

(UK & ROI) Samaritans – 116 123 (their new freephone number)

(USA) Suicide Prevention Life Line – 1-800-273-8255

(Australia) LifeLine – 13 11 14

2. Fill your Treasure Chest

Chest full of treasure - 7 Gentle, Generous, Restorative Ways to Feel Better

We can all work with our Treasure Chests.

Create a treasure chest of joys, of happy activities, pleasant memories, blessings, gratitudes, favourite things. Put it together physically and use it when you feel down. Put in things to help you cope, a relaxation CD, a journal – whatever’s right for you. I can make a bespoke treasure chest (also known as a Happy Box) just for you.

Then we have a Treasure Chest of people. Our communities, the ones we live in and the ones we create around us are our treasure chests of love, support, hope, help, resources and joy.

Nurture, nourish and cherish those in your Treasure Chests.

3. Set up a Strong Box

Sturdy looking trunk - 7 Gentle, Generous, Restorative Ways to Feel Better

You can also have a strong-box. This can be a box or chest that you keep somewhere, either physically or mentally.

You put all your problems, sorrows and worries into it.

You can do it before you enter your home in a chest by the door or before you sleep or sit down to a meal with your family.

A box is safe, it is designed to hold things. If you really need to you can put your worries there for a while, take a break and if you need to you can pick them back up afterwards. This is somewhere that can store all your “baggage and burdens”.

You may want it to become a God Box. Where you put in your problems and then they are in the hands of the Divine and all you need to do is trust and follow the guidance you receive. Again this can be physical or imaginary, but if you like the idea, use it.

Lay your burdens down, rest and enjoy some time away from your worries.

4. Release your painful feelings in a safe way

Scribbles on paper - 7 Gentle, Generous, Restorative Ways to Feel Better

Sometimes we can be so busy trying to be happy and positive we can end up ignoring our more uncomfortable feelings.

These feelings can contain important information, (check out Karla McLauren’s amazing work on this topic) and can need hearing and release before they can move on.

Consider these Positive Ways to Manage Challenging Emotions:

Scribble on paper

Tear up paper

Throw ice cubes into a bath or on the ground


Slap the wall with a twisted towel

Stamp your feet

Throw a cushion

Jump up and down

Write it all down

Write it as a letter

5. Adventure

Adventurous open road - 7 Gentle, Generous, Restorative Ways to Feel Better

Take yourself on a mini-adventure. They can be great ways to feel better. It could be a trip or picking up a book you haven’t read recently. You might travel to a new place or try a new eyeshadow. Here are some ideas:

Visit an art gallery or a museum

Visit a library and pick fun books, or books you wouldn’t normally read

Take a bus ride to somewhere you haven’t been before and enjoy the adventure

Go somewhere you often go – coffee shop etc, but take a different route. Explore!

Spend time with animals you love – can you walk?/wheel? a dog with a friend? Visit a stable?

?6. ?Give yourself a positive physical sensation

Socked feet on bed - 7 Gentle, Generous, Restorative Ways to Feel Better

Positive physical sensations can help bring us back to our bodies, back to the moment and reduce mental spiralling and fear. In this moment, something feels good, tangibly. That is powerful.
What does a positive physical sensation mean for you? It doesn’t have to be a massage or spa treatment.

Do you want to put on your favourite socks?? Would it help to find a physical release? Can you move, or do some exercise, or just have a good stretch?

?7. ?Create a Generous Connection?

Person holding a candle - 7 Gentle, Generous, Restorative Ways to Feel Better

?When we do something for someone else, even for a moment, I believe we are in many ways getting out of our own heads and back into our humanity. I’m aware that for some people trauma patterns, caring roles and over-giving etc. complicate this?, but in it’s essence, I believe it can be beautiful.

?You could send a card to someone who needs support

Or send a Healing Box

?You could record an audio message for someone you love and send it to them

?Perhaps it will be fun to s?hop with a small amount of cash, for a gift for someone else?

Do you have any gentle, generous, restorative? ways to feel better? Let me know in the comments!

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