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    Nurturing Creativity in Tough Times: A Compassionate Guide to My 2024 Workshop Offerings

    As we embark on a new year, I am thrilled to share the exciting workshops lined up for 2024, each crafted with love and designed to nurture your creativity, empower your journey, and bring forth transformative growth. Let's dive into the offerings that await you: Continue Reading Nurturing Creativity in Tough Times: A Compassionate Guide to My 2024 Workshop Offerings

  • Therapeutic Knitting - yarn

    Trailblazer Interview: Betsan Corkhill and Therapeutic Knitting

    Betsan Corkhill is the founder of social enterprise Stitch Links. Betsan was a senior physiotherapist before becoming frustrated with a system which didn’t allow her the time to work with patients as she needed to, especially for long term conditions. Her work led her to Stitch Links.

  • Trailblazer Interview: Aviva Gold – Creativity, Healing & Art Medicine

    Aviva Gold has been an art therapist, a clinical social worker, psychotherapist and an artist. Today, and for the past 35 years, she has grown into an art medicine woman.  She’s taught her transformative Painting from the Source method worldwide, in the past 35 years she has taught at major workshop centres in the world such as Omega, Findhorn, Mana retreat, Kripalu and Esalen.  She has taken Painting from the Source teachings to England, France, Canada, New Zealand, Ecuador, and Italy and is currently creating a source retreat in Oracle, Arizona.  Click to tweet – Aviva is a true, global wellness trail blazer and I’m honoured she’s joining us for…

  • Guest Post: Beautiful Things to Do…from an Artsy Perspective!

    I hope you enjoy this fabulous guest post from June, one of our amazing Trail Blazers in the Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe.  A huge thank you to June for sharing her arty suggestions with us here. See you next week, darlings. Grace xx 1. Draw what you see: I’ve been inspired by a visit to the David Hockney exhibition in Saltaire where there was a sequence of artwork on a big screen where he had drawn the view from his window using his iPad. It doesn’t have to be digital – it could be a pencil drawing with highlights done in coloured pencils, or using pastels or paints. 2. Artistic endeavours are a good excuse to…

  • Trailblazer Interview: Amy Zellmer

    Amy Zellmer is a Professional Photographer, Creative Business Coach, Writer, Traveler, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Survivor. I first met Amy through our work together in my Soul Detox Sessions and have been blessed to know of her amazing work – from her gay marriage advocacy – to her inspiring photography for many years. I am delighted to be interviewing Amy about her work as an advocate for people living with traumatic brain injury. We talk about: – What Traumatic Brain Injury is and how we can support someone with it. – Amy’s healing journey and her her experiences with the Huffington Post. – Travelling to Washington as a TBI…