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    Nurturing Creativity in Tough Times: A Compassionate Guide to My 2024 Workshop Offerings

    As we embark on a new year, I am thrilled to share the exciting workshops lined up for 2024, each crafted with love and designed to nurture your creativity, empower your journey, and bring forth transformative growth. Let's dive into the offerings that await you: Continue Reading Nurturing Creativity in Tough Times: A Compassionate Guide to My 2024 Workshop Offerings

  • What I wish I could tell my younger self about getting sick and surviving text over photograph of girl holding a camera on her lap. Seen from neck to knees

    What I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self …About Getting Sick & Surviving

    “If I could give my younger self some nurturing advice, I would tell her (or him [or them])…” – Kris Carr Thinking back to my younger self, when she first got sick. If I could speak to her now and offer some nurturing advice, I would tell her… You Are Enough You are loved. You are amazing. You are going through something extraordinary and it’s impacting you, that’s tough but it doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong. Listen to your body as much as you can, she has wisdom to share with you. Get a journal, keep writing. Write through the story. Move your body in all the ways…

  • Trailblazer Interview: Tiffany Kairos on Epilepsy Mindfulness, Compassion & Action

    Today we are hearing from Tiffany Kairos Care-Rose,  the founder of The Epilepsy Network (TEN). TEN’s mission is to educate, advocate and provide hope to all who have been affected by epilepsy. Tiffany has lived with epilepsy for eight years to date. In this Trailblazer Interview we talk about:  – How to move forward and build a life with a condition that can make the future unpredictable. – How to keep positive after seizures happen (or any other unexpected health flare or challenge that might affect someone) and how you’ve managed to make peace with a repetitive condition. – How Tiffany used her challenge to blaze her trail and make…

  • Trailblazer Interview: KC Baker & Public Speaking Skills to Transform Your Self & World

    Previously an investment banking analyst and assistant for two US Senators, KC Baker is an international women’s thought leadership & public speaking skills trainer, speechwriter, and two-time TEDx speaker and is renowned for her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies. She believes that the key to positive transformation in our world lies in supporting women in unleashing the brilliance of their voices.

  • Swift Ways to Support Habit Changing & Transformation Part 2

    How are you finding supporting your life/habit changes? Are you feeling more integrated with your goals and dreams? In Part 1 we talked about how to keep on track and make sure your new transformation sticks. Today we are talking about checking that your intention still fits your situation and preventing the damaging, frustrating bore of burn-out. Let’s dive in: