Detoxing Your Home Begins in Your Heart: A Mindset, An Exercise & A New E-Guide That’s Going To Knock Your Socks Off

Green smoothie with blueberries and text: Detoxing Your Home Begins in Your Heart:  A Mindset, An Exercise & A New E-Guide That’s Going To Knock Your Socks OffHave you ever lamented that:

Your energy can’t keep up with your to do list?

You have shelves of recipe books, but are always eating the same few meals?

You’re overwhelmed by everything you “should” be doing and no idea where to start?

Me too.

And when I began to execute my Healing Blueprint, although the first (and biggest!) change I made was more movement, I always knew I wanted to get back in the kitchen.

I’ve eaten a plant-based diet for 27 years, before any sort of raw movement became trendy, even before the phrase “plant-based” existed. I’ve struggled with the perfectionism and aggressive aspiration that can, all too often, be tangled up with wellness information. And, I understand the challenges of a high raw lifestyle, especially those unique ones inherent in a temperate climate. In the 10+ years I’ve been eating a high-raw diet, I’ve picked up a lot of tips, tricks, great ideas and healthy affirmations to make my journey the most delicious, fun and healthful it can be. Among my useful mantras:

I am choosing foods that nourish my body because it feels good to me, not because I believe all other foods are “poison”.

I am living, eating and moving in a way that warms me in the winter and cools me in the summer.

I am making choices that support my healing body, not angrily seeking the food culprit I need to eradicate to be ‘fixed’.

Consciously shaping my thoughts – and my kitchen! – to compliment the healthy lifestyle I am choosing has been key to my success in maintaining it. And now, I’m sharing my favourite tips in a brand new, shiny e-guide! Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant Based Wellness, will be released Friday, July 11th just in time for you to kick off the dog days of summer getting your beautiful body nourished to the max.

Here’s a little sneak preview, to get your started!

As one embarks upon (or dives further into) a plant-based life, the kitchen is a key character, and will be a fundamental partner in your success.

Before you can see where you’re going, it’s helpful to know where you are. (Click to Tweet!)

Begin by making a feelings wish list: how you want to feel? Be honest, and thorough. Then, working through each point, write why or how a plant based diet will make that possible.


I want to feel healthy. Plant-based food will make that possible by filling me with the best vitamins and minerals to help my body heal and repair itself, fully.”

I want to feel energised. Plant-based food is so quick and easy to make, so full of nutrients and so free from toxins, it will induce activity and make me feel alive.”

I want to feel fit and toned. Plant-based food is the perfect weight loss and muscle building food. It will give me the flexible joints, strong bones, nourished muscles and the stamina I need to exercise. It will do all that while triggering my body to let go of the indigestible toxins my body has stored as fat.”

I want to feel free. Plant based food can help free me from addictions to junk food, emotional eating and boredom induced snacking.”

Your turn! Take a timer, and free write for 10 minutes. Just keep the pencil moving. Keep typing. Keep talking. Keep adding to that wish list and laying out your motivations. It will become a personalized tool, something you can continue growing – and re-visiting – over time. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your responses – and desires! – change to reflect just where you are on your journey…and just how far you have come.

Hungry for more tips and useful information you can use immediately to prep yourself and your kitchen for a greener, more glorious life?

Check back this Friday, July 11th for the full and fabulous e-guide, or watch our Twitter feed for the announcement and link to get your copy.