Giveaways for the Season of Getting: Christmas Alternatives


‘Whatever we hold as our own, we consecrate with our very life.

This alone should give us pause before we invite anything or anyone new into our already crowded and hurried lives.

How much can we hold?

How much can we take in, and still have room to bestow our full hearted blessing?

– Wayne Muller

Do you feel a lack? 

Are you worried that you alone are not going to be enough and so you must take more into yourself all the time? 

This is a way to doubt, to undermine, undercut, under-trust, devalue and de-sanctify your innate inner wisdom. In all it’s responsibilities and wonders.

Do you begin the day as a vessel? Rested and readied by sleep, energised and sanctified by dreaming, open to be filled with all the incoming information?

So much needing our attention that we have to fight it off, ward against it but still there is the ever present fear of missing out, falling behind, failing to live

What if we began the day as our true selves and our goal, our innate inner intention was to, by the end of the day be lighter?

That instead of gaining we give.

That we are a house, filled to the rafters and the idea is go clear, to let go, to identify, to draw forth and to release. To have joy, life, money and things flow through us not to us. What if you came to each encounter not seeing what you could gain from it, not looking at your take aways but looking what you can give? Seeing opportunities for radical generosity daily.

Now we are not trying to fix people here. Not one little bit. We are looking for opportunities for our giveaways. 

Giveaways are a tradition in many cultures. That your wealth is truly measured not by what you have but by what you can give away. Because if you can give away your best, most precious items, not old clothes, not things you no longer want, but your treasures then you are truly rich.

And reading writing that even doesn’t it just give you a tug? Of ‘no not my treasures’? A restriction, constriction, tightening holding on.

That is fear you feel.

We have some practice to do there.

How would your winter festivities (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule, Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate – if you celebrate) be shifted by starting from an attitude of already having/being enough? 


Can you approach with a full heart and let go?

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Photo Credit: hownowdesign via Compfight cc