How to Own Land

588598296_6ef5406424Find a spot and sit there…

Climb to the top

Of a pine and drink

The wind’s green breathe.

Wake to the silence

Of your own scattered bones.

Watch them whiten in the sun.

When they have fallen to powder

And blown away, 

The land will be yours” 

-Morgan Farley

We are all tenants, and we are all on rent.

To some this might be a new notion and you might look to see what rent you pay. Is it fair? Are you in arrears? What do you give the land you ‘own’, the house that is ‘yours’? If you nourish the land with love, fidelity, compassion and maybe work the soil, spend time on the lush ground then good.

If you are working all hours, all-nighters, just ’till we get this next project finished, just ’till my business finally takes off, just ’till the payment comes through. 

Perhaps you might be over paying your rent. Are the payments worth it for what you are earning? Fair wage?

What are you paying for? We will never own the land, the possessions, these things, accolades and achievements we desire. They are transitory like us in this life. They pass through us, not to us. Your house may survive after you. 

How much of your life will you give for a piece of paper that gives you ownership of what you so crave? Who gave that piece of paper authority anyway? 

We cannot own land. The forests do not recognise a deed or a contract. What nonsense, we are blessed just to live.

I know you need a home, and you want a pretty bed or lovely sitting room. But some perspective here. Th ownership is not as valuable as the life you are living now and the gift you have in the present. Enjoying it rather than working now delaying joy for a uncertain future (and all futures are uncertain) might be the take away here.

If you want to pay your rent well: do pay your rent/mortgage payments, do what you can, take care of your home, plant your garden or window box if you are that way inclined and if not you can buy ready filled window boxes or beautiful pots of bulbs and flowers or sprout seeds indoors and fill your gluten free sandwich with yummy alfalfa. 

Courtesy towards guests, welcoming, offering rest, food, drink and a safe space, all this pleases the household and border spirits. The more your home becomes known as this the happier they will be. You don’t have to run a guest house, but do give cups of tea and a space of peace to visitors. 

You cannot own land but you can choose and own your own joy. Stake your claim, now.

Photo Credit: c@rljones via Compfight cc