Wedding 1

From Waist Height and Wearing 4

I’m cheating a little bit here, these aren’t new photographs….today is our wedding anniversary so I had to post these. Beautiful days.

And let me tell you, ethical wedding dresses, back then they were VERY hard to get hold of. 

Jersey is super as it is soft, comfortable, falls beautifully in the chair and doesn’t crumple and get uncomfy when you are sitting on it for hours. 


Green Organic Cotton Jersey Dress (I’m Welsh with Irish heritage so green is a traditional and lucky wedding colour) from Adili, now Ascension. 

Shoes from Vegetarian Shoes, you may recognise them as I still wear them now. Veggie shoes are ethical and they last.

Vintage necklace from the great-grandmother of an old school friend, a gift. 

Pearl earrings borrowed from my aunt. 

Hair tied with a bracelet of my mothers

Organic hemp wrap from Rawganique.

Wheelchair standard chair from wheelchair service. 

My sister did my make-up and hair. When I got the dress by post I wanted to check it looked ok, but we were living in Berkshire away from my family. And Linus couldn’t see the dress before the wedding. So I had him carry me down-stairs, carefully not looking at my dress. And set me down in the hallway.

Our downstairs neighbour answered the door to me lying on the floor saying “Does it look ok? It’s my wedding dress…squeeeeee!”

Getting one’s finance to carry one down three flights of stairs without looking at one or banging one’s limbs into the wall or bannisters was a true feat.

Especially as we lived in an 18th Century Townhouse. Those staircases were built for servants, thin servants carrying linen and tea-services, not women. Or so I would imagine.

Our house was tiny, even with only immediate family there, at our wedding breakfast in our home people had to stand on the stairs and in the bathroom to fit in! It was so much fun though. 

I wanted to make my hair look lovely for the wedding – which can be hard when you are too ill to have much done to it. I used an organic shampoo enhanced with henna. Unfortunely it managed to dye the white bath lift we had on loan from social services. Ooops. We managed to get a new cover for it and my hair did look shiny so it was all alright on the beautiful day.

The sun shone for the photographs and the rain began just as we went to the dinner. We woke up the next morning to a honeymoon day covered in snow. Magical. 

You are magical too.