Church Window

Can You Claim Your Sweetest Silence?

“See how nature-trees, flowers, grass-grows in silence; see the stars, the moon, and the sun, how they move in silence … we need silence to be able to touch souls.” – Mother Theresa of Calcutta

Church Window

Oh, dear-heart do you see? How the next struggles of our world will be not scarcity? The global challenges, summits and politician promises will cease to revolve around poverty.

It is the very lack which we are all running from, which we are back lashing against, spinning to escape. This very fearful shortage is even now creating our next pain. We are setting it up right before us.


It is abundance.

Always too much, never silence, never enough.

“The world is too much with us, late and soon, getting and spending we lay waste our powers.” – Wordsworth.

I became vegan while sitting in a ruined castle on the river one summer saturday afternoon when I was 15 and close to falling. A great blessing resulting was how much easier everything became, shopping was a dream as there was no choice. One shampoo, one type of shoes, one sort of biscuits. You didn’t have to worry anymore.

And in all that free time saved up from decisions, well we used it to change the world. Wouldn’t you?

Abundance is the twin sister of poverty, they are family linked and one. You may not think so, and I did not. I clung to the new age idea, abundance. Abundance is good, it’s pure, if I manifest hard enough I too can enjoy it. I too need never hunger again.

But abundance, too much, more than we will ever need, is not the answer.

Overstuffing our products with extras, bonuses and free downloadable ebooks worth $99 is not the way to touch a sweet-spot-soul.
Filling up our lives, our ears, our hard drives, our to do lists, our heads and hearts is not the answer.

Sufficiency is.

The sparkling champagne moment of enough.


Enough and rest now.

When we listen, without filling the uncomfortable, painful, crawling, itching silence with words.
When we accept, and sit with someone in trouble, not trying to fix them, to absolve them, to deny their pain, to cheer them (pull them) from it.
When you can be with silence, face death and pain and loss and not babble your way through. Not drown them in the litany of our own uncontrolled fearful thoughts.
When you realise that something as beautiful as the sun launches, rises every morning and does it without fanfare.
When you know that our star-dust selves need space to shine.
When the fear of being ignored, outdone, overlooked and alone subsides and your nervous chatter can cease.
When you dig a hole and pour the words into it, before coming to me.
When you give me your open lap and not your tangled thoughts as a gift.

Then in that pure silence, God moves through you.

Inspired by a prompt from the most fabulous Jessica Morrow at Invincible Summer.