After Alexandra Franzen: My Open Invitation for Percolation.

2871346522_b0b13cf1b5I adored Alexandra’s An(other) Open Invitation to Percolation. From this I indulged in the beautiful and creatively rejuvenating digital sabbatical. Taking this time, not just personally but in sangha with so many other beautiful souls globally was an amazing experience. 

I decided to take her up on her invitation to create my own.

We are a’buzz here in the-house-with-many-books (no, that’s not what the neighbours call it, that I know of. They probably call it the-house-of-that-couple-who-seem-to-think-they-have-a-farm-and-forest-in-their-garden. Mine is catchier). 

Yes, a’buzz I say, about what will emerge from this invitation. 

This is, for the uninitiated, an open invitation to the Universe to see what percolates *

Firstly, a list of things I desire this winter:

Seeds:: I am looking for more heritage/organic vegetable seeds. If you have any especially heirloom varieties you can offer, get in touch! 

People :: To join me, with some friends, on an Artists Way Odyssey next year. Winter is my time to nurture and grow creatively. Are you in?

Interviews :: Want to feature me, my sparkles and wisdom on your website, or blog? I am available so please get in touch and let me bring Soul Detox Magic and Trail Blazing love to your readership.

Reiki Practitioners :: For a secret project, to support world wellness and healing. To be announced soon. This is your call to action.

Massage :: South Wales area, qualified insured practitioner for therapeutic massage please. Hooray to relaxation and self-care.

Winter Reading Inspiration :: I want comforting, curl in front of the fire and laugh novels and recommendations please. I totally love Nancy Mitford, Diary of a Nobody, Gertrude Jekyll, Harry Potter, P.G.Wodehouse, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Stella Gibbons, Deepak Chopra, Sera Beak and Wayne Muller. However I am running out of things to read. I need you, tell me your beloved books!

Flow :: My word for this new year (Calan Gaef, celtic new year began 31st October) is FLOW. I can err more towards filling up space with healing activities and the work I love. But I need flow, space and peace. So I invite some support to keep in the practice of FLOW through community, buddy system or sending flow-filled energy my way. Gratitude. 

Bigger asks, but it could happen – if we manifest magic together:

Camera, More Action :: I have plans dear ones, secret plans and clever tricks for teaching wellness, joy and full colour living through video. For this I would love a H.D Flipcam. Are you upgrading for Christmas? I will love your pre-loved camera. Get in touch.


Deeper and Sweeter Shots :: I have fallen face-first, head over sparkling heels in love with photography through Susannah Conway’s Photo Meditations Course. I’m snapping shots on my camera phone, but if you have a languishing DSLR that needs a forever home send it my way! Let’s see what we can work out. Merci beaucoup. 

In return, dear ones, I can offer: 

Seeds :: possibly this is most relevant to those swapping seeds, but if you want to swap your services for organic rocket or grandpa’s cress heritage seeds, be my guest.

Reiki :: for your sleep, your sparkle, your loved ones, your business or big dreams. We can add power and golden energy to it.

Group Soul Detox Session :: All together around a common theme (say money worries, low self worth or taking steps into wellness challenges). Clearing the group, personal queries answered, learning from each others issues and developing delicious practices and take aways.

Meditation :: A home made meditation, tailored to you, in MP3 form, to your in-box. Oh yeah!

Altar :: A mini-altar in a box. Just for you, posted to your door. Open the box, move into lotus then prayer = sacred disco-party!

A Surprise :: you will like it, really.

Money :: yes, we deal in that too. 

Lovely Post :: because what is more lovely than actual, real, hand made, hand written post/mail with treats and surprises inside? 

Something Else :: Ask me, it might be possible.

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I look forward to what emerges….

Wishing you supported and serene times,

Love and scribblings, 

* Grace * xxxxxxx

* Ms Franzen’s own words.


Photo Credit: @ifatma. via Compfight cc