The Selling Points of Silence


Where are you over-full and what do you need less of in your life? 

Babble, information-over load, a cacophony of voices, desires and opinions filling our world. In years past if you only knew the people in your village, and perhaps the next village, the number of noise sources was much less. 

On the radio the news was old and somehow less heart-renting with it.

I don’t think we need around the clock reports, or newspaper headlines celebrating death and destruction.

For a year I took a break from all media sources which were not women-positive and aligned with peace and sense. 

I read a lot of zines, of books and not much else. I spoke to a lot of women, people told me their stories instead of reading ‘real-life’ strangers tragedies and tales. 

I had a lot more energy, my self-esteem and positive body image improved. I gained more perspective away from the babble, with the peace of my own thoughts. I choose carefully what I would take in. 

I never fully went back.

You have to push, make it happen, create, be, do, now. What about the selling points of silence. Letting others speak, taking in, resting in their words, listening – fully, truly, deeply. They may be telling you what you are already trying to say.

How can you incorporate and honour silence in your life this week but especially in your work? Let’s see what happens when you do.