Trailblazer Interview: Tiphany Adams – Push Girls

PushGirls_Tiphany_Profile_535x320At age 17 Tiphany Adams was a high school senior with dreams of modelling when the car she was riding in was hit head on by a drunk driver on October 15, 2000. Three lives were lost in the accident and Tiphany was the only survivor of the 130 mph impact crash. She was diagnosed as a paraplegic with a T10 fracture and L2 movement and persevered through months of painful recovery to graduate with her class the following June.

Born in Lodi, California, Tiphany has always been a small-town girl with big dreams. Today she pushes forward, pursuing her passions as an actress, abilities advocate and fitness evolutionary. She raises awareness and understanding on many topics – always with a core message of truth, love and self-acceptance. Tiphany is a star of Sundance Channels’ critically acclaimed docu-series Push Girls.

In addition to her work on Push Girls, Tiphany speaks and advocates nationally on the topics of abilities, fitness, drunk and distracted driving, nutrition, and wellness. * See more here.

In this Trail Blazer Interview we talk about: 

– Maintaining and creating independence while living with disability

– The role of faith and thinking in healing

– What it looks like to be a trailblazer


* Excerpt from