What Short Circuits Your Miracles?

SpacesAre the glitter miracles just not flowing as they should be?

What is responsible for minimising your power and short circuiting your miracles?

It’s lack.



Lack of intention and lack of trust.

How do we prevent and circumnavigate this?

Practice, and I don’t just mean your scales.

Make trusting, allowing, surrender into a daily practice.

Make intention, desire and determination how you begin your day.

If you are busy it really just means that you need this even more. When you begin your day with intentionality then you are sending energy into the world and can watch the world respond to what you send.

How, Brown Owl?

Set your intentions. Begin your day by taking 3 to 5 minutes and planning out how you would like that day to go? What do you really want to happen? What action can you take to make your dream come more quickly. What small action can you take now to make it closer to real? Do it. Small actions make big changes.

Have a Universe or God Box. A box which you release things in to. When you have worries and are holding on trust, allow surrender and mentally or physically write down your trial or worry and drop it into a God Box. Yes, this is your Post Box to the Top your Divine Direct Line. So out it in, trust that it is in hand, and take your actions now towards it.

If you worry again, drop it in again, practice trust.

Vibration Station

Your vibrations matter. If you are thinking doubt and fear everyday then no matter how many affirmations you say if all you hear in your head and feel in your tummy when you think of your dream is tension, fear and doubt then that is the message your are sending to the Universe.

Vision Board(ing School)

Take your present tense affirmations and find pictures which symbolise them. Empower them with your intention. Imagine them filling up and glowing with your desire for joy, love and hope. Add it to your wall and spend time with it. Vision boards are a practice, add new images, when things come true say thank you and create a gratitude corner for board for them. Love it, live it with faith and full intentions -watch your dreams come true.

So, super power your miracles, circumnavigate the vision quelling and get ready for your empowered life to come true!

And yes, Vision Board(ing) School is a real thing and you can sign up come Autumn. Hold on ’till then sweet-hearts.