How to live your own adventure story


Don’t wait until you feel up to it, you may never feel up to it. Begin now, adventure is calling you.

You want adventure, but you don’t feel well enough to fly, dance or road-trip. I know, I hear you, and I have some ideas…

Let me go back a little, and begin at least somewhere in the middle…

I was resting on the beloved biomat listening to an audio book. In the study, under the window, listening to the birds outside. The flax-filled eye bag was smooth and cool over my face and I was tucked under lots of blankets and feeling very contented.

Then my timer went off. It’s a broken old thing covered in plastic diamonds we stuck on to differentiate it from all the other timers we have. I smacked it down (hence the brokenness) and realised that I didn’t feel up to getting up yet. Maybe I could lie there just a little while longer and listen to the end of the chapter?

The thing is, lying safe and cosy on a daybed, when would I feel like getting up? Would you want to get up from that comfy spot?

I have illnesses with fatigue elements. I was tired and hurting. Getting up was not going to be an attractive option. However, it’s just like my mother says, ‘once you are up (in the water, outside, dressed) you feel better, you feel more like doing the thing you didn’t want to do’.

My question is, how do we find the place between doing what we don’t feel like doing and trying to do what we can’t do?

For me it lies in figuring out the Adventure Essentials.

If I want to function at the best of my ability, I need to give myself the right conditions.

Right back at the beginning of our healing journey (and when you’ve read the book you will know all about this) we began to figure out what we needed to create an environment for me to heal in.

What would an environment made for you to heal in look like?

In my case it was giving my body all the essential, sensible things it needed to heal that I hadn’t been giving myself because I was too ill and hadn’t figured out how to do them with illness.

I hadn’t realised for example, that I could meditate in bed, if it was a choice between doing that or not meditating. I could learn to be kind to myself and make things work for me.

We are refining this process more and more.

I’ve been massively inspired by Dyana Valentine’s Super Conditions. I’ve been creating my healing enviroment for years but Dyana instigated my deep investigation and truly tapping into what I need to be great in the world. Dyana is legendary and if you can work with her, do, do, do. I can’t talk about this process without giving gratitude for her work and inspiration. Thank you. [End of announcement]

To be the best me I can be I need:
* Warmth
* My iPad
* Green Juice
* Movement

These are things I function best with, and don’t perform spectacularly well without.

(Which explains why I spent this winter turning up to school dressed like Anna Karina in (faux) furs, hats, gloves and layers upon layers of floor-length skirts and petticoats. The heating was broken and I was layering as many clothes as I could, as stylishly as I could.)

If you want to live your life as an adventure, what do you need to make it possible?

Think about it, get back to me. And sign up below to get next week’s instalment of what to do, once you have your answers!