Wellness & Freelancing: 3 Ways to Make It Work

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You want to set your own schedule.

You crave earning your living doing what you love. 

You need to share your talents, to be of service to the world. 

You desire a life that allows space for you, your needs, your self-care, your wellness.

So you are considering freelancing, but with all the conflicting, (and all too often inflated) information online you are wondering if it’s possible for you. And if so, how?

You will hear a lot about people saying going freelance is the best thing they ever did. But make no mistake about it, setting up on your own can be a tough challenge. You are your own boss, yes, but you are also the marketing department, PR, sales, billing, accounts and the cleaner too. Wow whee, it’s a lot.

With this in mind, you might think it impossible to even contemplate embracing wellness as a freelancer.

Well, today, I’m going to look into making wellness and freelancing work. And, in fact, I hope to show you that it can improve your business, rather than take you away from it. Let’s get started with some of the basics.

1/Set Up Systems To Support Your Wellness

What makes you feel well? Honestly?

Take stock. Know what makes you feel better – be it a deep sleep, daily bath, limiting your email time to save energy for what’s really important. Whatever it is, whatever gives you a boost, do it. And don’t feel guilty about supporting yourself – it’s all a part of your being your most productive.

When you have a big project due, the temptation is to sit down and plow through it until it is done. A lot of freelancers do this – I have – but is it the right way to approach any task? Take regular breaks, and you will avoid stress, become more creative, and give your body the necessary exercise it needs. Future You says thank you for taking care of yourself.

2/Save Your Energy

Check out what’s available to help maximise your time! Use virtual assistants, auto-responders, email templates, Google calendars, Tweet Deck, Hootsuite or an SEO white label service. A copywriter might enjoy a relationship with a designer, for example. Just think of the time you might save by freeing yourself from the many hours you spend converting vectors in Adobe Illustrator.

Free up your day to do what you do best. It will cause you less stress, and you will give a far better service to your clients.

Make a list of all the tasks you need to do for your business and then do some research – what exists out there to make getting through that list easier?

3/Live Your Joy

Finally, if you plow all your energies into your freelancing alone, your health and business could suffer. If you want to embrace wellness, it is essential that you do other things, too.

Find a hobby that is the polar opposite of what you do for work. It will help stimulate other areas of your brain and also helps you to relax and enjoy your downtime.

Please know that it’s not essential to make money at your passion to have time to enjoy it. When we make money from what we love it’s awesome…but now what was a private pleasure is now work.

I don’t know about you but I absolutely don’t want to monetise everything. I want joy that is just for me. You might make time to enjoy your passions by cutting your bills, quitting things that don’t make your heart sing or just putting it to the top of your to-do list and letting it nouish you.

Bonus Tip: Secure Support And Accountability

We may love our work but it can be difficult. Birthing a new career is a labour of love but it is h-a-r-d. What makes it possible? Accountability and support, and I know they will help you too.

Being part of a community that’s aligned with your goals, filled with supportive people doing what you want to do and who are willing to share their secrets: it’s a precious thing, and grossly underestimated in becoming an enthusiastic – and productive – member of the workforce.

I’m wishing you wellness in your work, good days and good things.

What’s your favourite way to stay well when working? Let me know in the comments!

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