From Waist Height and Wondering 20

It’s amazing when you think about it. Two sticks and string then you end up with clothes. 
I take forever to knit. My last scarf took 3 years. Knit and purl, I kept forgetting if I was on knit or purl. And I couldn’t correct my mistakes so I would package the whole thing up needles and all and post it back to Wales for Grandma to fix and return to me. 

Right now I’m knitting in candy coloured soya wool, all soft creams, sugar pink and deepening lilac. The yarns were a birthday gift. So delicious, but I’ve been knitting since last summer.

I think I need to stop knitting scarves. 

There is something so special about making things. An innate and practical creativity we can all access. Baking bread is art, and if you don’t think so then you’ve obviously never tried. 

Domestic creativity has been dismissed for years, after all it’s only women’s crafts, not real art. We had permission to do this, there was no audacity in providing for the family. Now knitting is often seen as a hobby and wool is so expensive, who knits to save? And yet go deeper, find the magic in there. Those who dismiss are welcomed, they are missing the point entirely. Frankly, let them. 

<Clicking of the needles, brushing of the yarn over your fingers, sinking into body memory of something learned so long ago, you mind flies as your hands work. Sitting at waist height, weaving and wondering.