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Nurturing Creativity in Tough Times: A Compassionate Guide to My 2024 Workshop Offerings

Hello dear community,

As we embark on a new year, I am thrilled to share the exciting workshops lined up for 2024, each crafted with love and designed to nurture your creativity, empower your journey, and bring forth transformative growth. Let’s dive into the offerings that await you:

1. From Pitch to Publishing: A Sustainable Guide to Freelance Writing

Who is it for?
This free workshop series is tailored for aspiring writers, especially those underrepresented in the literary landscape. In collaboration with the Institute of Welsh Affairs, we delve into the art of freelance writing, sharing insights, and offering a supportive space for your words to flourish.

What to expect?
From crafting the perfect pitch to navigating the world of freelance writing with confidence, these sessions are a journey toward empowerment. Let’s transform your writing dreams into reality together.

Get details and sign up here.

2. Sustainable Creative Business Building Workshops

Who is it for?
Calling all artists, small business owners, and creatives! This free workshop series, in collaboration with Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport, is designed to guide you in building a sustainable and resilient creative business.

What to expect?
From finding your unique space to pricing for sustainability, we explore practical strategies to help your creative venture thrive. Join us in creating a business that not only survives but flourishes.

Get dates, details and sign up here.

3. Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery: Creative Therapeutic Journaling Workshops in 2024

Who is it for?
These workshops are a haven for those seeking self-discovery, healing, and creative expression. Whether you’re new to journaling or a seasoned practitioner, this space is for you.

What to expect?
Led by me, as a psychotherapeutic counselor, writer, and dedicated journaler, these workshops blend therapeutic writing, art journaling, and structured and free-writing styles. Discover the transformative power of Therapeutic Art Journaling™ as a tool for self-compassion and mindfulness.

Get more info and sign up here. Early bird rates and sliding scale prices available.

4. Phoenix Fire Academy

Who is it for?
For folks living with chronic pain and illness, the Phoenix Fire Academy is your transformative journey toward empowerment, and reclaiming your life.

What to expect?
This comprehensive academy offers a journey through learning to tend, care. forand live well in our disabled and chronically ill bodies and lives. From community building to crafting a life you love (within limits), the Phoenix Fire Academy is your guide to rising strong and living well, today – not after a ‘miracle cure’.

The Phoenix Fire Academy opens in Spring 2024, learn more here.

I am truly honored to walk alongside you on these journeys of growth, creativity, and self-discovery. Let’s make 2024 a year of empowerment, healing, and flourishing together.

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