From Waist Height and Wondering 28

Today I painted a tree. How’s your Saturday?
I got all dressed up, rocking black leggings, paint stains, pearls and a tiny tan Elle skirt. Honestly, I can’t believe I’m wearing it, it was Georgina’s. It does look lovely though. 

We went to our friend’s house in a village 20 minutes away. We were late so we arrived bringing dinner (and a dog). Bertie got paint on his snout and his tail. 

Linus had mixed special painting music for us. 

I was given a wall. A whole wall. I have never painted something that big before. 

Sitting with a big stack of prayer books and poems, sharing favourites, inscribing them. Painting with such wonderful women inspired me to dare.

A tree grew up the wall, words, gems, prayers and prophesies spiralling around it.