Do you remember when the world was large?

historia-regum-britanniaThere are still dragons in Wales, living in the hills. Their strong backs make the mountains, their tails curve around, protecting the villages in the valleys.

We remember our history and the old magics. I pray as my ancestors prayed, we have a line, bent and scarred but unbroken back to when this land was new and we kept to our wisdom.


We honour the Divine in the mountains, in the heavens, in the wild and secret places, in the ocean, in a beautiful morning, in our own hearts.

Do you remember when the world was large? It was so long ago, we were without fences, or towns, just the hills and forests and the creatures that roamed upon them.


Perhaps you were not alive yet. Do you remember the stories of it? Do you recall it in your dreams? The rhythms of the moon affect our bodies, our cycles, the flow of the ocean which gives life to our planet.


We are of the earth and we return to it. You may live in a city, you may not think you can know this. We can all know this. Listen to the old songs and stories told around the fires, they are inside you. We just need to quiet and listen.

Close your eyes. Let your breathing become slower and deeper if this is appropriate for you. Intend, visualise and know that you are Divinely blessed and protected in a bubble, or shield, or cloak of pure light. Relax into your journey.


We are going inside ourselves. To our inner wisdom, to connect and speak with the Divine spark inside us, our higher self, our inner healer who knows all. You may have heard that everything we need is already within us. This is so and we are going to tap into that now.


In your minds eye, see the darkness clear, observe where you are. This is your inner landscape. You could be next to a deep lake and all alone, or in a gathering at the foot of a mountain. You are outside somewhere, in the wilds. You place could be a meadow in spring with a river running alongside, an island out to sea or in the centre of a great lake, a cottage on the edge of a plain in the snow of midwinter. You will see what is right for you.


You see a path, follow it. Enjoying your surroundings you move forward, realising that you have a goal. You can see ahead of you a destination you are moving towards. It is a place of shelter and rest. It may be a cave, a grove in the trees, a stone circle, a fallen log with a companion upon it. It may be a human, or an animal, familiar or unfamiliar.


When you reach the place you can make yourself comfortable, and you greet the companion waiting for you there. S/he is a reflection of your inner self, the wisdom that lives within you always. Here as we are greeting and getting to know them, we are strengthening the connection making it easier to listen to their voice, our intuition, in the hustle and bustle of daily life.


What is s/he like? Observe the beauty without worrying over any perceived problems Your Self is wise and can help us to love and spiritually accept and repair by loving all parts of our Selves.


Does your companion have any words or messages for you? Do you have any issues you are confused about that you would like guidance with? Take this time to discuss these now, knowing that you are talking to you ever wise inner Divine you and that you are safe and loved and can return here for more help or advice or companionship at any time. Your companion is with you always. This love is always available and is eternally and unconditionally flowing through you.


If you would like you can ask for a word or symbol for what you need to take back with you. Accept with gratitude and love any gifts you are given or any opportunities you are offered, and want to accept such as bathing in a healing fountain, a drink of pure lake water, a tea of special meadow herbs or blessings from your friend.


With thanks take your leave and retrace your route, as your travel onwards the landscape shimmers and becomes less vivid shading into mist and the mist clearing showing you in the place you are physically now, where you began the meditation. You give thanks to your shield of light, releasing it and affirm that you are grounded and connected to the earth. Moving on with your day taking the knowledge you gained with you and acting upon it, if appropriate.

Bendith Duw arnat. Da bo chi. Heddwch i chi.

May God bless you. May good things happen to you. Peace be with you.


* Grace * xxxx


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