A Restful Prayer for Your Week

love-2Whatever your challenges…

When we have gone beyond the limit of what we can absorb, use, and digest everything else creates suffering.

You don’t need more classes, you need to know when to stop.

You don’t need another ebook, you need time to practice what you already know.

You don’t need to be sold more, you need to allow more,

More space. More listening.

You are exhausted and striving and it’s still not working.

Let these words speak to your soul; what are you running towards?

You life is now,

This is it.

Twitter may bring you business but what about spiritual fulfilment. Turn off the pings. Turn on the Divine invitation within.

Be where you are now. What are you so scared of? You are enough.

You can choose.

Today is enough, 24 hours is enough, sing it with me….enough.

After all, it’s not really working is it? When we run so fast?

Are you living the dream, or not sleeping enough to get dream time?

Radical trust, enoughness, rest

May you be blessed with it this week. That alone is enough.