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Beautiful things to do, because

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* Play in the snow. Put on long johns and Hunters and dive out. What happens when you throw snowballs in the air and dodge? Can you see any icicles? Snow means curling up inside to me. How about you?

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* Decorate a window. Add a crystal to catch the sunlight and toss it across the room. What do you want on your windowsill? Perhaps crystals and lillies or maybe clear space and a good view. Look on etsy.com or folksy.co.uk for beautiful things to hang from your windowspace.


* Plan your dreams. Use The Desire Map, or Susannah’s amazing guide. But fuel yourself with some exploration and direction.

Portal 2008

* Watch this amazing video of a visionary woman and a wheelchair under water.

World Food_cafe

* Dig out the cookbooks and eat meals with titles. We just had Garden Salad with West African Wilderness Sweet Potato Patties and Piri Piri Sauce. Capitals made it more tasty.

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* Be inspired by this and this. Pull out your video camera. Let Share and Genna show you how to rock it.

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* If money was no object… and if it was. Alan Watts and Alexandra Franzen, so good.


* Move your body, and again, and again. Do it to this music.


* Give yourself a gift.

Mural last

* Be audacious, whatever that means to you.

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* Carry your camera with you.

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* Get off the Internet.

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* Let me send you something magickal.