Connecting awesome people & products: sponsorship program opens today

Peaceful pier - Connecting awesome people & products: sponsorship program opens todayI’ve never thought of myself as a matchmaker, but it’s something I’ve been doing secretly for years. No, not helping you meet your new lover (although if I knew someone wonderful enough for you I’d totally tell them to call you).

I’m talking about introducing you to your new true love, the product/service that rocks your world and changes your life. The one you dreamed of but didn’t even know existed. I know and I can’t wait to share them with you!

This is an amazing opportunity to combine the best of what I love and excel at:

– Finding amazing things,

– Doing the research (I’ve got 20+ years of reading labels and digging into the depth of research/company practice/ethics on my side. Lifelong veggie and vegan here).

– Being so passionate about products, using only the most ethical, amazing offerings and sharing them with those who need them.

Why sponsorship?

I am blessed to know wonderful people across the world, who do amazing things.

I am also blessed to have a growing audience who know I only recommend what I love and that I am honest and committed.

(I treasure your trust and kind attention, thank you for being here).

I love highlighting people’s amazing offerings, I love running my site with great articles, I think sponsorship can support that.

I’m passionate and awesome at finding amazing products/offerings, I want to expand that into a sponsorship program to connect the products and people I love with each other.

What’s in it for you?

What’s the message for you, beautiful reader?

Even more super content, content that’s carefully curated, more frequent and innovative.

Will there be flashing adds everywhere? Uh, no. There will not.

Will there be loads of weirdly written advert style content? Absolutely not.

Will you recommend anything you wouldn’t use yourself? No, I won’t recommend anything I haven’t used and loved or fully believe in.

If you have questions, or a product you’d love to recommend to be featured here, contact me [email protected] or check out my new sponsorship program page.

The bottom line? – Offering a sponsorship program is my opportunity for sparkling matchmaking, connecting the people I love to the products they’ll love!

Picture courtesy of Ales Krivec via Unsplash