I Have Solved Your Holiday Shopping Problems (It’s Books!)

I know, I know. You are wondering what to ask for, what to get for your festive winter celebration? It is a challenge. 

Never fear. I have the answer and it is books! Unless, of course, the person doesn’t like books. In which case audio books….

Really. This is my bibliotherapy prescription for the holidays and new year. Drop the stress and feed your soul with words and dreams. 

Write poetry in a scribble book hidden in your apron pocket. Read poems before breakfast. Read Donne in bed, re-discover favourite children’s books. You don’t have to re-enjoy them with children, love them for you. Guess quotations, explore the most beautiful words. Art and life intersect one hundred thousand times every day. Those times we stop, slip into them, each time we grab that moment and dance within it we are coming closer to joy. It really is that difficult and that easy all at once. 

I am wishing you a merry midwinter with warmth and love from us, in our glitter covered house, with a glitter covered dog…there was even glitter in the tea. Yes, you laugh now, but wait ’till you get your yule cards. Then there’ll be glitter all over your house too! Still, it’s all for festivities and glitter brings smiles.

Snowflakes and holly berries and umm glitter,

* Grace * xxxxx

Gratitude goes to Linus for the out-of-shot book lifting. Heart.