Guest Post: Thank You for Wearing a Swimsuit in Public

Guest Post- Thank You for Wearing a Swimsuit in PublicI hope you enjoy this beautiful guest post from one of our amazing Trail Blazers in the Trail Blazers’ Cafe. I am taking a week off to rest after the amazing experience of speaking at TEDx. A video of my talk is on its way, so sign up for my newsletter below to be notified as soon as it arrives. A huge thank you to this person for sharing these beautiful words with us here. See you next week, darling. Grace xx

Thank you for wearing a swimsuit in public.

Thank you for not shaving your legs and showing them anyway.

Thank you for wearing glasses.

Thank you for eating that cake and feeling good about it.

Thank you for not wearing makeup.
 Thank you for liking yourself.

Thank you for showing your scars.

Thank you for dancing, and singing in public.

Thank you for flaunting your beautiful pale(fair) legs.

Thank you for wearing a bikini.

Thank you for wearing that silly hat you like.

Thank you for being cute in that lovely summer dress showing your pigmentation spots.

Thank you for talking openly about your asymmetrical breasts.

Thank you for every inch of pride you have about what your body can do.

Thank you for being openly enthusiastic about the things you like.

Thank you for wearing shorts even though your thighs wiggle, because that’s how I learned: I could do it to.

That’s the point.

I learn this from you.

You brilliantly flawed human beings;

Thank you for teaching me how to be one too.

by Anon.

Image courtesy of State Library Queensland.