Disability Creativity: Co-opting Clothing for Accessibility Part 2

Disability Creativity- Co-optingLiving with disability can ignite creativity – at least it has for me in terms of my wardrobe. Check out Disability Creativity: Co-opting Clothing for Accessibility Part 1 – Outerwear here.

Companies design clothes for people with disabilities, however, most of those clothes are what I imagine the companies think ‘elderly’ people will wear.

But I’m sure most of us will value style and self expression, as well as comfort, at every age. (Click to Tweet!)

Clothes that work for your body and life can be challenging to find. Maybe you need Velcro, not buttons, or perhaps things that are easy to pull on and off, or don’t get caught in your crutches or leg splints are essential.

For example: are you looking for something to wear when using your wheelchair?

Let’s think outside the box a moment – who has to stay seated for hours, stay comfortable and not get pressure sores or clothing rubs?


And what do riders wear?


Which come in a hundred and one fabrics, styles, colours, sizes and price points. Super, let’s go jodhpur shopping…And while we are at it, can we borrow clothes from any other disciplines that fit our needs – I think we can!

My favourite clothes to co-opt for accessibility wear:



Great for wheelchair users, designed to be comfortable to sit in for hours, plus lots of fashionable styles available and very affordable.


If like me you want to use to go swimming but don’t move quickly enough to warm up in the chilly water, try the surfer’s solution!

Skater Shoes

Struggling with laces? Skater shoes are stylish and often have Velcro instead of laces or buckles.



If you sit all day, or if you have abdominal issues, you may find the waistbands of trousers dig in uncomfortably. That’s why dresses are so useful. Look for an empire line with flowing fabrics, like bamboo, and organic cotton jersey. I love KOMODO.

Wide Waist Band Yoga Trousers


One way around the waist band struggle is just to go bigger! Try a wide waistband that spreads the pressure and creates comfort all day. Try Gossypium’s fantastic range.

Sports Bra in the Scanner

A tip from the ever fabulous Kris Carr – if you need to go for a scan, try wearing a sports bra with no metal in it – that way you get to keep your underwear on and still get your scan done!

What’s your favourite item of clothing to co-opt creatively? Let me know in the comments!

Image courtesy of Emily May.