Gratitude and Grace List: College Submissions Edition

Gratitude & Grace List: College Submission Edition

Yes, it’s college submission time. So, I’m a little low on words because they’ve all gone into my dissertation, case study and submission papers. Here’s what’s been getting me through the final submission time:

Little Things I’m Loving

* The deepening of my one stroke a day painting * Listening to BBC Radio 4 over lunch * Amazing fuzzy slippers with – wait for it – reversible pink and gold sequins. Swoon * Grapefruit and tangerine-scented shower products – hello morning * Having a PM routine to wind down * My recommendation for making a compassionate AM routine is always Magnificent Mornings * Gold eyeliner – yes! * My sweet Hello Kitty chopsticks * I’ve finally started using fine liner pens and I can see why people recommend them. Love * Yes, this means my diary and planner is now colour coded * Yes, it makes everything simpler and I love it * Muji pens – a highlighter with a window that lets you see what you are highlighting? Yes, please! * Interviewing people for my podcast * Writing * Knowing I don’t have to worry about international post deadlines because I’m using Paperless Post for all my festive cards* Roses on my writing table * Hazelnut Turkish delight. I’d never had it before, only rose and lemon but wow, gorgeous * Doing my dreamwork in a gold journal * Gingerbread tea and a great novel * Wearing scarves again in the frosty weather * Working at Llantarnum Grange where I can see clients and shop for artisanal cards, food and jewellery all in one, gorgeous space * LA jewellery * Seeing Healing Boxes go out around the world * My niece’s first words * White mulberries, total yum *

My Gratitudes

Beyond the Boundaries

The reports I get from people using Beyond the Boundaries: Finding Freedom & Fulfilment Within Four Walls. Self-Care Edition. I love hearing loved ones moving though the experiential workbook together from across the continents, people using the audio version as a relaxation aid and more.

I am SO grateful for all the love and support in the Wellness Trailblazers’ Cafe. If you’d like to contribute your magic to our loving community, apply to join here (it’s free!).

What are you glad about this month? Let me know in the comments and let’s share some smiles!

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N.B: Paperless Post kindly gave me credits on their site as a thank you for sharing my love of their product here. This doesn’t impact how much I like their product, I loved it from when I first received a card!

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash