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How to write about painful emotions or memories in a safe and effective way

Hi, I’m Grace, a psychotherapeutic counsellor and writer.

Writing can feel incredibly therapeutic. Often we get a feeling of catharsis when we write freely.

Mostly we have a craving to be heard, be witnessed, to re-write the narrative, to find some control and power in painful times. 

But because it’s so powerful, I believe we need to approach it safely. 

Many people are exploring creative writing for mental health and I’m sharing here how to do that safely.

I’ve created this video to teach about approaching the initial process of writing – that first impulse – in a trauma-informed way that’s artistically engaged.

In this video, you’ll learn:

– The differences between journalling, writing and therapy.

– Working in a trauma informed way

– How we can respond when our writing (or someone else’s) triggers a surge in memories of emotions.

– How our journal can act as a container.

– Engaging at the thresholds – what to do as we enter and leave our writing process for mental wellbeing.

You can get a free book of journalling prompts for tough times here.

Thanks to Literature Wales and The Royal College of Psychiatrists Wales for commissioning this project, which allows me to offer the video above, ebook and workshop for free.

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