• Happy

    From Waist Height and Wondering 31 [Final]

    I began taking photographs as my memory loss was so bad I was scared of losing my own life as I was living it…. if I have no memory of it, did it happen? If I am not sure what happened last week, last year, 10 minutes ago, what is happening next? If I can’t reach the word for the thing I need (water), then how do I know what anything is? So we journaled, photographed and filmed my life to preserve it and to create it. With in that, the signature shots are me, within my own life. Further from that we began to photograph my healing journey. If…

  • hope

    From Waist Height and Wondering 30

    This morning I was filling out a form. Yes, even at 8.30 am on a snowy Monday. It gave me a realisation. It asked if the director of a company was a woman and what percentage of the board were women. I hadn’t thought of it like that before but apart from Linus, Healing Boxes is all women. Out of the 4 board members 3 are women.  On this site I’m the owner and director, everything is in my name, and it’s my own name that I kept when we married. Most of my clients are women. These are women mostly with their own businesses using money the earned to…

  • Sky

    From Waist Height and Wondering 29

    I shot this from the window as we were whizzing through the backwoods. And I’m not being facetious, I know we’re in the middle of nowhere but the name translates from the welsh as literally “back woods”.  I walked those woods as a child. Lift the babies and the dogs over the five-bar gate and dive in. Secret paths, favourite dells and the whippets tearing through the undergrowth.  Shifting branches, fluttering clouds, bouncing along in our little car. A moment captured in my camera. Evoking gratitude and reflection.  Out of the dappled darkness of the woods road and into bright sunset light. 

  • painting

    From Waist Height and Wondering 28

    Today I painted a tree. How’s your Saturday? I got all dressed up, rocking black leggings, paint stains, pearls and a tiny tan Elle skirt. Honestly, I can’t believe I’m wearing it, it was Georgina’s. It does look lovely though.  We went to our friend’s house in a village 20 minutes away. We were late so we arrived bringing dinner (and a dog). Bertie got paint on his snout and his tail.  Linus had mixed special painting music for us.  I was given a wall. A whole wall. I have never painted something that big before.  Sitting with a big stack of prayer books and poems, sharing favourites, inscribing them.…

  • clock

    From Waist Height and Wondering 27

    “Hold on, it’s the clock.” “Hang on, the phone’s gone again.” “No – the dogs! Quickly get the dogs… I’m on the phooooonnnne!” The telephone used to be on the table at Grandma’s. And this clock above it chimes every quarter hour. It’s wound each Sunday before dinner and it has interrupted many a phone call.  When Linus lived in London, we would spend hours upon hours on the phone (this was before Skype remember) with clock chimes punctuating our talks.  So between waiting for the clock to finish sounding, the phone lines to work properly and “someone to stop those dogs barking now, I’m on the phone to Linus,…