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Raconter les Histoires

Well, it is all happening isn’t it? 

I have finished this round of Morning Whip (and if you want to get whipped into action I suggest you dive in now, as this could be the last round for a while). I gained the momentum to launch Healing Boxes, and it is this Friday. Are you on the invitation list? Jump on now at

So while all these excitements have been happening, what have we been up to? Darling, I thought you’d never ask – raconter les histoires!

We have been to Abergavenny and it’s beautiful art shop. 

pastels 1

I bought an oil pastel in red copper, can you imagine? They wrapped it up in black tissue paper and put it in a tiny box to keep it safe for me to carry home. It felt like buying sweeties or jewellery, so beautiful. 

Don’t you just want some too now? Who could resist these colours? They had beautiful ribbons and windows too….

We went to the park and saw plane trees which I love so much as years ago, when we lived in Reading, Berkshire they had so many of them and in London.

I used to think they looked decorated with all the bauble-like bits and I missed trees so much in the city, they were essential. I used to like going out at night when all the shops were closed and everything was quiet as easier to bear.

Linus would take me out at 2am to see the christmas lights. Cities are so changed and much nicer, I think, at night and empty. 

Abergavenny has a beautiful park and meadow we enjoyed, but I get quite didactic, so there were questions like….”And what is that tree? And what is hazel traditionally used for? Yes, hedging and wands, that’s right. What is the traditional wand length, and when is the proper season to cut wands?” etc etc….Linus is very patient as well as knowing all the answers.

Spring planting begins for us tomorrow chaps and do check out my new events page to see the cool classes I am teaching and all the magic we have in store.

Love and Healing Boxes Pre-Launch Happiness,

* Grace* xxxx