From Waist Height and Wondering 31 [Final]

I began taking photographs as my memory loss was so bad I was scared of losing my own life as I was living it…. if I have no memory of it, did it happen? If I am not sure what happened last week, last year, 10 minutes ago, what is happening next? If I can’t reach the word for the thing I need (water), then how do I know what anything is?

So we journaled, photographed and filmed my life to preserve it and to create it.

With in that, the signature shots are me, within my own life.

Further from that we began to photograph my healing journey. If you are going beyond the ordinary realms of wellness, madness and making health miracles you need to see that journey unfold.

So lots of that is again me, or the journey through my eyes. From mountains to hospitals.

Nowadays it is the beauty I see around my home and life. Lots of our garden as it takes shape and my nephew as he grows – 5 months now and he is becoming so fast.

My current signature shot is things from my perspective, from my wheelchair, waist height and wondering.

Thank you for coming with me on my Waist Height and Wondering Journey. It has been a delight and a joy. I am so grateful to have connected to you and to have shared some joy and lightness through my photographs.

As this journey ends more begin, a surprise is coming tomorrow.

Excited? I know, me too. 

My love is with you.