Trailblazer Interview: Sue Ross, Strokes & Achieving Results No Matter Your Circumstances

Sue Ross Lifegeta Founder in wheelchair, pink hair streak

Sue Ross, the founder of Lifegeta, is a pretty fabulous woman. Sue is a fellow UnLtd Award Winner and is changing the lives of people struggling with an acquired disability every day. She won the National Life After Stroke Award for Courage from The Stroke Association and speaks at the UK Stroke Assembly and other conferences. 

In this Trailblazer Interview we talk about:

– Sue’s experience with acquired disability via a stroke

– Working with your emotions during challenging times

– Why a jumper can be your top tool for joy!

Sue will tell you all about it in this video interview. Please go and check out Sue’s lovely work for yourself. Here are her website and contact details. Transcripts and audio downloads are in the works.

P.S That is a rose in my hair, I knew you were wondering.

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