From Waist Height and Wondering 30

This morning I was filling out a form. Yes, even at 8.30 am on a snowy Monday. It gave me a realisation.

It asked if the director of a company was a woman and what percentage of the board were women. I hadn’t thought of it like that before but apart from Linus, Healing Boxes is all women. Out of the 4 board members 3 are women. 

On this site I’m the owner and director, everything is in my name, and it’s my own name that I kept when we married. Most of my clients are women. These are women mostly with their own businesses using money the earned to pay me, another women.

<Just how oh-goodness-me cool is that? And it would not have been possible when Grandma was my age. In many countries it’s still not possible. 

I am so proud and grateful right now. Thank you.