Why I Gave Up Searching For ‘The One’

Today I got on the yoga mat for the first time in just under a week. It felt so good. Why did I miss yoga? What it because I was travelling (London, Bath, Cardiff etc). 

No, I took my yoga mat with me, stuffed in the back of my wheelchair and practiced each day.

 I was off the mat because I am human; I have a highly busy day, miss one practice and then before I know it, it’s been 3 days or more. 

I soon learn to live with achy shoulders, a tigh back, a tense head.

Putting up with pain is something I am habituated towards, living as I do with chronic illness. Moving forward despite it, that’s my default. what’s hard for me – and essential work or me – is delineating between pain I can impact, pain I can’t and taking appropriate action. 

For years I searched for the teacher, the practice which would work for me – by which I mean the one that would make me work. 

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Now, I realise it is for me, a process. I come in and out of my practice, 98% of the time I am in it. But it shifts with me – I am after all a cyclical being.

Now, I focus on awareness, compassion and return.

Noticing I am away from what I need, then extending compassion to myself for getting lost, gently and lovingly returning to the path, to my practice, to my body, to home. 

That’s what I write about in The Trailblazing Wellness Check-In Catalogue how we notice when we are far from ourselves and what we do then.  

Now, I know that I am the one I have searched for.

I still need teachers and guides, of course. But I am no longer trying to hand my power and sovereignty over to a person or practice outside myself. 

Instead, I focus on staying as present as I can with myself on the twists, turns, slips and skips on this healing life journey. 

What are you searching for and finding today? Let me know in the comments.

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