Beautiful Things To Do Because… You’re At Home.

beautifulthingsBeautiful Things to Do, Because…. is my way to catalogue all the lovely things happening in the world and to share ideas for having a delightful weekend. Enjoy and hop on Twitter to share your beautiful things with me. 

Today we are looking at what to do if your adventures are confined to within the home this week. It could be that cold weather is keeping you indoors, or illness/housebound/bedbound could be what’s making you stay in. 

Either way, we have a list just for you today….

* Ricky Buchanan, she of Four Walls, No Limits Fame, is now handmaking jewellery – check it out.

* Explore your own creative side with the Chronic Creatives group.

Take a virtual tour of The Louvre.

* Have a travel week for example, you can learn italian, eat italian inspired food, watch italian films, and dress in clothes inspired by italian fashion!


* Change the furniture around. It makes a difference. We decorated our ceiling in the sitting room with glow-in-the-dark stars, super fun!


* Paint a picture for your wall.


* Have a concert – your favourite live album and curling up to zone into the music.


* Got a fire? Baby, it’s cold outside (we have snow here), so get under the blankets and enjoy the flames. If you don’t have a fire try banking candles in a large group and enjoying the flames.


* Make your own incense.


* Plan a task and get it done in one day – swoop through.


* Pick a book you’ve been meaning to read and dive in. 


* Check out the work of these awesome people the Life Starters | Dyana Valentine | Erika Lyremark.


* Hold a virtual picnic – you and your 3 best friends, or 3 people you don’t know well yet who are destined to become friends with this event. Add a blanket, little sandwiches and glasses of something sweet, then enjoy your lunch with friends across the world. With Skype, Google + hangouts and FaceTime there’s no stopping you now.

* Pick 4 prompts (a spoon, Alaska, an encounter, a blue powder blue car) and make a story around them.

* Write a poem BentLily | NaPoWriMo

* Put the lamps on to brighten the room.

* Check out my new free Wellness Library.