Trailblazer Interview: Heather Plett on Holding Space for Illness and Pain

Trailblazing Interview: Heather Plett on holding space

How do you handle illness?

Is it something that makes you want to run away? Or something you live with everyday? For those of us who live with chronic illness or pain it can be an unforgiving struggle, an uncomfortable companion, and a deeply felt experience.

Heather Plett’s work on holding space went viral in 2015, and for good reason. CLICK TO TWEET.

Heather Plett is a teacher, writer, coach, and facilitator who helps people make deeper connections with themselves, others, the sacred, and the Earth. She gathers people in circles both online and off to share stories, ask questions, make art, and build community. She is a practitioner of The Circle Way and The Art of Hosting, and she teaches courses such as Mandala Discovery and Creative Writing for Self-Discovery.

In this interview we talk about:
– Handling the desire to fix others or be fixed, feeling broken and how to manage that.
– Holding space for pain and illness and using this practice to live well, no matter the challenges.
– Dealing with being ‘inspiring’ when living with disability.
– One thing to do today, to begin compassionately holding space for yourself.

Download the transcript here.

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